Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Summer 2017

Haiti Benefit Auction in Ohio

Parking at the auction.

MCC Connection in Kidron, OH

I found the loom fascinating and wished someone would have been there to weave.

It is tedious work tracing around a bow tie template onto small rectangles, cutting them out, ...

... and fusing them to a navy background.

I drove Quinten to the field to check the moisture of corn.

Picking a few cobs.

Ashton fashioned a grain auger from Legos to unload corn.

I enjoyed a visit to Old Man River Quiltfest in Vicksburg, MS with my friend Ebba ...

... and Judy.

I had a fun day with some of the grands during the 2017 Eclipse.

The colander worked well for seeing the eclipse.

Ashton gets a view of the eclipse.

A pleasant evening at Joels & Quintens.

In the corn patch.
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