Friday, July 24, 2015

A Glimpse Through the Lattice -- Roses

I'm working on a new lattice quilt. The challenge is to use the fabrics provided plus a few of your choice.

I marked a grid on the pink fabric and cut square patches from the floral fabric and fused them down onto the grided pink fabric.

Then I did the same for the green fabric; which is hard to see against the brown cardboard.

Now there are a pink and a green lattice window ready to use.

Close up of green lattice.

Close up of pink lattice.

Next I made a grid on the solid black fabric and fused another section of floral patches. When I was about 1/2 done with that I decided to lay the uncut floral next to the black lattice and I liked the effect.

I retrieved the small pink triangles from leftovers from my "Only a Lily" quilt and laid them around the composition.

Thinking that it still needed another element, I cut narrow strips to form three pink lattices in random areas. I thought maybe they may look too bulky.

So I tried laying a mesh at random areas.

I think I like the pink strips best.

Linking to Nina Maria's "Off the Wall Friday."

Sunday, July 12, 2015

SAQA's Trunk G at WAQG

Yesterday I shared SAQA's Trunk G with the West Alabama Quilter's Guild. This is a warm and enthusiastic guild with lots of talent. I enjoyed my time there very much. Thank you, WAQG.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Maple Street Quilting and Heatwole Campout II

I’m glad to have corn in the freezer even though it was hard work getting it there.

It was good to see Jo Anne again (center), a Possum Town Quilter now living in Texas. She is hand quilting this blue “tumbler” quilt  in 'Baptist Fan' fashion.

 Bessie and Zella tie this ‘star’ quilt.

Carol is piecing this top for Red Cross. She used all striped fabric for the blocks.

And now, more on our Heatwole Family Campout  in North Carolina.

The rhododendron were out and in full bloom.

Pathway to the cabins.

Paul showed the little ones how Jake, John, and Joe go rabbit hunting. They just couldn't figure out how those 'rabbits' got up through the table. You can watch him here.

These little girls are trying to decide which design they want painted onto their cheeks.

Hannah and Tina can pump by themselves on this swing.

The children loved painting rocks in charge of Claire Bleu.

My brother Oren Jr., Gabriel, and Quinten enjoy a good laugh. Actually they were in deep discussion and I encouraged them to have a nice expression on their faces as I snapped the picture.

Yes, you can burn the twigs, but not the mulch bark!

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Heatwole Campout

 What's all the excitement about? ...

... crawfish!

These guys are serious. They catch 'um, cook 'um, and eat 'um. 

Brock delighted in catching bull frogs.

Cousins Jillian and Amy working in the modern outdoor kitchen. Just raise the garage door and all the appliances are at your fingertips.

 The stream was a favorite spot for the children ... 

... and adults alike.

I'm waiting for my turn at the 'monkey swing."

A make shift seesaw in the stream was great fun.
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