Monday, January 18, 2016

Life and Funerals

Paul and I had a short trip to Florida for his SLM meeting. As we traveled I was able to stitch the hem of a dress.

We had supper at Der Dutchman Restraunt in Sarasota. I enjoyed my view of Paul across the table and this quilt design made of wood.

I can't imagine doing life without my sister, Coleen.

It was a special treat to be with Ella from Romania.

All too quickly it was good-bye Florida!

One afternoon I had a pleasant surprise and wonderful visit with Sharon and her mother Tressa Knepp. Sharon was so happy and cheerful and helped me prepare pizza in spite of just finishing a round of chemo.

Within one week's time we had 2 funerals at our church. Stanley Schrock was a loved and respected man with undying love for his wife Anna. He will be greatly missed.

The 2nd funeral was for Diane Lee, Jeff and Kathryn's 28 year old daughter.

We will greatly miss both of these people and the inspiration they were to each of us.
With each funeral, I'm reminded anew of our 20 year old son Brian who was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2004.

Sunday, January 10, 2016


Life ...

After the rain ...

... the clouds and sky were beautiful.

Ashton wanted Grampa to shoot his bow.

Retrieving the arrows.

The neighbor man brought in this equipment ...

... to clear the hunting ground across the road for farm land. I'm thinking we need a new mailbox now; as it seems so exposed.

... as a Quilter

I enjoyed our first Possum Town Quilters meeting of the year. You can see our blog post HERE.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year and Allietare Reveal

Happy New Year

I had a great day, this first day of 2016. 

Bonnie Hunter gave us the 6th and final clue to the Allietare Mystery Quilt. I sewed most of the day and love how this quilt is turning out.
And now it's progressed to this although it's still just blocks. Check Bonnie's Mystery Mondy Linky Party for other quilts of Allietare.

I have also been working on this piece. It's one of 5 slices of a picture of the Ag Museum in Jackson, MS.

Paul's niece Paula and Jerel Yoder from Colorado are spending a few days in the area. Their quartet of 4 boys is a lively bunch! They are helping Amy do some painting inside of her house.
 I fixed cornbread and soup with a plate of cheese and took it over to them for supper. This recipe came from my sister Polly who got it from Rosedale Bible Institute many years ago, if my memory serves me right.  It's been used many times and I treasure Polly's handwriting on my card.

  Creations by Nina-Marie   
  Quilting is more fun than Housework
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