Sunday, April 28, 2013

Family, Claire Bleu Quilts, Gina’s Quilt

Talya and Clyde

When a stray cat showed up at our house, Gabriel befriended it and named it Homey. Later when Homey came around she was much thinner. So Gabriel searched and found where she had her kittens. And when he kept watching he was sure one of them was a possum latching on to  her belly.

Then he became the possums friend too and made a nice box and home for the mother cat and her little ones. Unfortunately Homey moved her litter and somehow, Pogo the possum didn’t make it. I like it when boys are kind to animals. It tells me something about their character!

Gabriel’s sister Claire Bleu came to visit one weekend.

She brought along her “en plien air” quilting picture that she had started a few weeks back, and wanted to finish it.

I was amazed at all the different colors of thread she pulled out to stitch onto the fused fabric pieces.

I encouraged her to make a small sample piece to practice on and get the thread tension correct. When I saw what she made, I thought it was way too nice to use for practice.

And then later she made a second one to go with the first one. She left these 2 pieces here for me to quilt and finish.

Here’s her finished “Graber Farms” quilt. She is planning to add a green border and fold it around a stretcher board.

And it really does resemble our farm! Great job!

Cousins with Ashton and Gina

Gina and Tina

Gina finished her quilt and I quilted it but didn’t get the binding on before they left.

She made a huge gigantic block for the back.

I could tell she was right pleased with herself and amazed her mom and friends!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gina Makes a Quilt, Hangar Talk, and Guests

Gina obliged me by making a fresh modern quilt.

It was fun watching and helping her make her first quilt.

And she had fun doing it.

Gabriel, getting ready to cover the horizontal stabilizer of his ultra light Leagle Eagle.

He had lots of help.

Amy & Ashton served cold drinks for all.

It was a fun evening in the hangar for these siblings, cousins, and friends.

Dustin & Gina. We were so glad they could come from Penn Yan to be with us for almost a week.

Gluing, clamping, rolling, and ironing.

Talya had her first birthday.

We stretched out the table good and long for our pizza supper and fed 28. A few of the little ones sat at their own small table in the kitchen.

It’s good I made 4 pizzas. We only had a little left over.

Katie Jo and Ashton try their best to comfort Tina.

Guests other than our family were: Darren & Becky and Corina …

… Jeff & Sherri, Chloe, Skylar, & Campbell …

… and Jason & Karla, Katie Jo and Lia.

So … which floats in water, a regular Pepsi or a diet Pepsi? And what are the implications?

And like I said before, it was so good to have Dustin and Gina home for a while.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Emily’s Art, Family Life

I talked my sister Emily into making a small art quilt. She took a picture of their farm truck’s license plate and created this piece “painting” it with thread. I wish you could see it up close. She did a marvelous job!

I love Georgi’s pose and Kirby’s gentle smile.

It was hard to get a smile from these two cousins.

I know Ashton is enjoying this ride with Uncle Quinten.

And I know this is a pretty sunset, but somehow my heart was all fluttery and scared.

Cousins, Gabriel and Dustin

Practicing songs for a Sunday evening program.

My cousin Ruthie’s son Kevin came for a visit.

Me and my girls had a day out thrifting and fabric shopping. We stopped at …

… a coffee shop for a treat.

Since Amy couldn’t be with us, the next day we had lunch with her at Mi Ranchitos.

Monday, April 15, 2013


This afternoon (4/11/15) a tornado touched down just east of Macon.IMG_0780

This is the communications tower where we get our internet service.IMG_0817

The Hoovers house was complete destroyed. They are part of our church family. The neighbor’s grain bin landed in front of their carport.IMG_0801

This shed housed a planter and semi truck.IMG_0813

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Jungle Quilt, Artisan's Day, April Goal

A Child's Jungle Quilt 

I also made 2 small pillows to match the Jungle Quilt.
I used a pattern by Ann D. Hansen from the book "Make it Modern Quilts" and adjusted the size of the blocks to a little larger than 10 1/2" and then trimed them down to size after adding the X.
A flannel backing makes this an inviting soft and cozy quilt for a small child.

Artisan's Day
The Columbus, MS spring pilgrimage is in full swing. Yesterday I quilted under the Welcome Center tent with other Possum Town Quilters.

Other vendors were selling carved wood, water color paintings and cards, homemade candles and home canned pickles, and bakery items.


My May goal for
A Lovely Year of Finishes

is to make 4 green panels of fabric for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.
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