Saturday, October 31, 2015

OH Haiti Benefit Auction and Power Line Birds


Life ...

Paul and I got to attend the Ohio Haiti Benefit Auction.
Cotton candy was quite the treat for children and adults alike. I pitied the lady on the right who was twirling the cones; but she didn't seem to mind getting sticky. She said someone needs to do it and it may as well be her!

I had a good visit with long time friend Yamelith.

We stayed with Fathers 1st cousin and enjoyed their bench by the creek.

... as a Quilter

Our Mississippi fiber art group met and showed our 8"X11" blue/bird pieces.

My piece, Power Line Birds is finished now. I'll be making a 2nd one as I didn't follow directions and made this one 8"X10." If only I would have looked three times at the qualifications!

Power Line Birds -- back
Ready for display. $35 SOLD

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Standing Tall

Standing Tall

I started this quilt by fusing small square patches to a background fabric to make a grid.

Then I made more grids.

And more grids with different combinations of patches and backgrounds.

Next I placed the grids onto my design wall and tried out different 'sky' fabrics. Notice the block poster of the Empire State Building in black and white at the bottom of the photo.

I finally found a pleasing arrangement of the grids and it was time to ...

... begin quilting.

After the quilting was finished, I laid the piece out on the floor and soaked it with water to block it. Taking a look from this angle about makes me dizzy!

Although I used the Empire State Building as inspiration, there are other buildings with the same semblance.

Standing Tall
New ways of building with concrete, glass, and steel have pushed aside natural materials of grass, wood, and skin. This art quilt depicts the wild growth of the concrete jungle with angular modern structures. Though the landscape has changed significantly, the same blue sky covers the expanse above.


Techniques: Raw edge applique patches fused onto an assortment of background grids; then fused again to the 'sky' fabric. Heavily quilted +/-1/8" on a domestic sewing machine
Materials: Commercial prints, batiks, and dyed cotton fabric; an assortment of Superior's verigated Fantastico and Rainbows thread.
For Sale: $950

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Life as a Quilter


Life ...

Ashton, Kirby, and Stacy never seem to tire of each other.

I set the timer for 5 minutes for them to "play band."

Paul had me pull up bit by bit as he dropped the corn from the overhead bin into the trailer. 

 Craig entertained the little ones for a short moment.

... as a Quilter

I invited the Possum Town Quilters to our house for our monthly "Sit and Sew."

Using this picture I took of an antique shop in Columbus for inspiration, ... 

 ... I created this quilt block for a PTQ challenge.

For Thelma's birthday gift ... 

... I made this small quilt from a picture of her quilting.
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