Friday, March 30, 2012

Quilt Books

I recently acquired 2 new books for my quilt library. The first one, "Color & Design by Heather Thomas" is an eye catching book. I found it at JoAnn's in TN when I was at a Mountain QuiltFest. I had finished my shopping and decided I'd sit at the table to browse through this book while I waited on my sisters. This book is full of rich colorful photos of quilts and great designs and inspiration and ideas for quilts. I drooled quite a bit! There was a fellow sitting across the table from me and we engaged in small talk. He had been cutting trees all day and was tired. He brought his wife to JoAnns to indulge her and then they were going to go out for supper. When he realized that I really liked the book I was looking at he offered to buy it for me. Well ... who am I that this stranger should buy a book for? And he was dead serious. We talked some more and I ask him to meet his wife. He finally found her and I met the sweetest lady, and yes, they like to bless people and would love to buy the book for me. With the 50% off coupon the $29.95 book was only $15. He handed me $16.00 cash. Oh, ... I just couldn't turn them down. And then in all my excitement I failed to get an address to send a thank you note, but I did write down their names, Eddie & Kathy from Knoxville, TN. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And this just makes me want to bless someone else.

And the second book "Baskets -- New Quilts From an Old Favorite" is published each year with 18 finalists in the challenge. I like to enter this contest each year making a new innovative quilt from an old traditional quilt block. My entry this year ended up looking more like pyramids than baskets, so I named it "Pharaoh's Tombs." You can read about it here.

There was even room to tell about the 'Farmer's Delight' quilts my family has made.

This book is available from AQS and Amazon.

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Mountain QuiltFest

I met Mother and a few of my sisters in Pigeon Forge for a week together.

The WonderWorks house behind us there would have been an interesting place to visit. However, we didn't take in a single tourist attraction.

Instead, we enjoyed each others company and sewed when we weren't out and about. Emily found an old Milky Way Feed Sack and added quilt blocks and flying geese to make a nice throw for her son Adam. She found the perfect table cloth at a thrift store for the back.

Barbara took a "Dancing Dots" class with ...

... me and ...

... Emily. We learned how to machine applique to make it look like hand applique.

Our teacher was Nancy Mahoney.

This bear quilt was an amazing work of art.

I was so "proud" of our Possum Town Quilter, Judy Stokes who won "Excellence in Hand Workmanship" in the Mountain Heritage Challenge.

Another quilter I met was Paul's dad's mother's brother's son's wife's, sister, Fannie. Somehow we found a connection! She is a professional longarm quilter and made this lovely "Blueberry Deight."

I also met Cynthia England who made the amazing quilt behind us. Her technique is interesting and something I'd like to try. Everything is sewn with straight lines.

This man provided lovely background music for the quilters. He is with the "Smoky Mountain Aires" and has been playing for 28 years.

This quilt belongs to Dolly Parton. It was made by her aunt ...

... from her stage & costume clothes.

Lunch with Mother, June, Barbara, and Emily (taking the picture) at The Tomato Head was wonderful on this pleasant day.

One evening we had BBQ at Corky's. Delicious!

Emily, lovin' the pig!

Inside the lobby was a nice waiting area.

We found and stopped at a lot of thrift stores.

I took this picture for my friends from church, Thelma & Louise.

This is a truely amazing quilt with all the colors and values changing around the quilt. It was drafted by the quilter's husband and inspired by Judy Mathieson.

I like the crisp, clean look of this quilt.

This is one view from the upstairs balcony at Wyndham where we stayed.

The pansies at the front office were beautiful!

June working on her velvet comforter at our "home away from home."

It's going to be beautiful with the feather stitching.

Our hostess, Cindy showed us a "Stack a Posie" quilt she is making.

She is also cutting up her husbands old shirts to make a quilt.

Friday, March 09, 2012

"In My Father's House Are Many Mansions"

... and that's the title of the song and my quilt. Thank you for all the guesses at what song I was trying to depict. They were all good. I especially liked how Martha picked "We're Marching On to Zion, ... the Beautiful City of God," and then that song kept ringing in her mind all day long!
I had a goal of getting all the fusing finished by Monday, and now I've even done more than that. I think it's ready to quilt.

Stitching through Heat & Bond, Steam-a-Seam, and Wonder Under gummed up my needle, but I kept plugging away.

Amy's Creative Side

I took care of Georgi one day at the office. She is a full time job, let alone trying to do office work.

Georgi's umbrella reminds me of Sally in the Dick & Jane Readers.

Amy & Ashton fixing treats for the Girls Club.

Paul's sister, Miriam, was surprised when we showed up for her birthday.

It was a chilly evening and the fire felt good.

Those soft brown marshmallows were free for the taking and oh, sooooo good!

Miriam was tickled with her bicycle that Kenneth gave her. She brought it into the house so the rain wouldn't spoil it.

Recent guests in our home were Jerrel & Paula with Nic & Micah.

The Grabers wanted to visit with them before they left for home in Colorado.

Friends of Colonel Sanders at KFC.

After 2 games of Sequence, Gabriel (not pictured), Laura, Paul and I had 2 good games of ...

... Blokus.

Monday, March 05, 2012

A Gospel Song

I have continued working on my PTQ challenge quilt this past week.  Can you guess the gospel song I’m trying to depict?


...and it's not "There is a Green Hill Far Away" ... so far away that you can't see it!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Mansions, Wedding, and Family

This week I have been cutting out mansions and roofs and windows and arches and flags and much more.

I went fabric shopping with 3 of the Possum Town Quilter ladies to find something suitable for a block challenge. We came back to our house and got to work. Here’s Brenda cutting out strips.

Here’s Bobbi cutting squares.

And Sandi helping to get them all into individual bags.

Today we attended the wedding of Bryan & Emily.

Kirby & Stacy were happy to ride with us from the church to the wedding.

They had a unique square tiered wedding cake made of cupcakes.

White with chocolate icing or chocolate with white icing?

Friends, Mel & Carla are waiting to  help serve the guests.

Busy little Georgi sat across from me.

The bride & groom with the bridal party served themselves.

Do you want me to sketch your face?

Ryan with his puzzle gift for being a gift receiver.

This evening we had our children & families in for pizza. Kirby was glad to hold Tina.

And then Stacy wanted a turn too.

I was just hoping no one would get hurt in this romp and tussle game

~~~~~ Parting Shot ~~~~~

Momma makes Tina smile.
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