Monday, February 27, 2017

Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam

We enjoyed this scenic overlook at Powell Lake near Page, AZ ...

... and later walked to the Glen Canyon Dam.

The Colorado River continues it's run South to Grand Canyon.

~~~~~Parting Shot~~~~~

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Zion National Park

Life ...
It's hard for me to describe the beauty we saw at Zion National Park.

We chose to walk the easy trail to "The Narrows." From here on you had to wade in water.

... as a Quilter
Paul so graciously stopped at Superior Threads for me. Even though they were closed; I was glad at least for a photo.

Moving Dustins and Calico Ghost Town

The sunset was beautiful as ...

... Paul and I were flying to California to ...

... help Dustin & Gina pack and move back East.

While Paul and Dustin filled every crack and cranny of the U-Haul trailer ...

... Bryce and a friend, Allison had fun outside.

One last picture in the small backyard on McClemont Street.

Paul and I are driving Dustin's car back to Mississippi and decided to take the long way around. Today we stopped at an old ghost mining town near Baker, CA.

I doubt I was proper enough for riding a stage coach.

You can see the word "Calico" on top of the mountain.

I loved the old general store.

I'm so glad we have modern technology in dentistry today.

Paul enjoyed looking at the beautiful rocks in the gift shops.

Back in it's heyday, the school house also served as the church meeting house when the traveling pastor came around.

We took the walking tour of Maggie Mine.

I was impressed with the greatness of the bellows.

The Mulcahy Brothers lived here for 20 years. Did you see the quilt?

And I found this quilt in the Craft Shop covered with other things.

We really enjoyed being tourists!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Our Busy Life

Georgi is in first grade and is sharpening her reading skills. I take it from her smile that she comprehends what she is reading. She didn't know I was taking this picture.

Recent visitors in our home were our neighbors, Nathan & Amanda Cronkleton and family.

Kirby had his 9th birthday.

He did a great job serving his own cake.

The Mustard Seed Handbell Choir gave a delightful program for the MQA attendees at a recent meeting.

We are getting a new roof put on the house.

Tim demonstrates how his handy gadget bends the metal just right.

This machine cuts the metal for length, creases or folds it just right, and makes holes in it for the screws.

We are glad to have Magnum Metals close by to do the work for us.

Here the slat comes from the machine ready to be put on the roof.

We were blessed to have my cousin Kathy and Steve Rhodes stop in for a short visit.

Some people think that Kathy and I resemble each other.

Amy and Ashton

Lee Hilty with his dog Bernie. I really like Bernie's disposition.

David Jenkins is one of our landlords. He enjoys coming for pizza when he is around.

Quinten & Evie and family.

Joel & Sheila and family.
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