Sunday, December 31, 2017

Life Over the Holidays

I'm lagging behind on the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, #OnRingoLake which isn't unusual for me at this stage of the game.

I've even entertained the idea of adding a little zip and zing with the addition of lime green placed sporatically throughout the quilt. What do you think?

The small group around our table for Christmas lunch included Paul's sister Jeanie & Galen, his folks, and Amy & Ashton.

Sunset at our house from the other side of the pond.

Paul worked on Ashton's hover board ...

... and got it going again.

If only that 300 lb. sow wouldn't have barged her way through between Paul and the gate.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

On Ringo Lake and Art Quilt of Lakeland Presbyterian Church

...I have been working on my piece of the Lakeland Presbyterian Church in Flowood, MS. Here is my original picture.

I used a photo filter to get a different effect.

This is my piece of fiber art that I'm ready to quilt.

We also had a butchering day at the farm. I was glad the farm boys did all the work.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sunrise, On Ringo Lake, Boys, Sunset

Sunrise in the East

This just can't be right for Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt #OnRingoLake; but it's fun to play with a layout.

After playing for a while at our house, I took Rusty & Teryn to the field to ride in the tractor with their dad.

Let's make plastic! Cornstarch, water, glycerin, and vinegar. The boys found this DIY on youtube.

Sunset in the West

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Bonnie Hunter Mystery and Michigan Trip

Listening to Handel's Messiah while I stitch units for clue #2 of #BonnieHunter's mystery quilt #OnRingoLake .

Continuing our trip to Detroit, we passed this huge Uniroyal tire on Interstate 94.

It is made from a ferris wheel that was at the NY World's Fair in 1964.

Scott and Darry have a junk business in Detroit. They find all kinds of 'treasures' and have furnished their houses with some of their finds.

Scott prepared popcorn for the snack at the weekly activity center.

The children gathered around for prayer before snack.

We had supper with Scott & Melissa, Kaylie, & Samatha and Darryl & Laura, and Kenny & Danielle.

Alex with his mini bike. He let me sit on it but was afraid I'd wreck it if I took it for a spin. It's probably good that he was skeptical of my driving!

Darryl and Laura live on Casper Street with very close neighbors.

Paul helped Darryl work on the garage while Kenny supervised!

Alex, leading the Sunday morning singing at Grace Christian Fellowship.

Monday, December 04, 2017

On Ringo Lake and 40th Anniversary

Anniversary time: It's been a great 40 years!

Paul and I went to northern Indiana and Michigan for a few days.
We had only a small glimpse of Warren Dunes National Park on the shore of Lake Michigan.

We stopped for a short visit with my nephew Israel & Jessica and family.

Paul and Israel in the freezer at Bullseye Market in Vandalia.

Then is was supper at the Essenhause with Richard and Bonnie ...

... and a meeting the next morning near Goshen.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Bonnie Hunter's On Ringo Lake

Each year I like to participate in Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt. This year it's called "On Ringo Lake." I decided to mix things up a bit and swap the neutrals for black and make the dark brown my lights. I hope I won't be sorry! Here's my choice of fabric ...

... and a few of the nine-patches for the 1st clue.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Ole Pete

The Ole Pete
It's a 1993 model that we use on the farm to haul fertilizer and grain.

When our Southern Fiber Artist's group issued the challenge to make a 8"X11" piece using the theme vehicle and the color red; I thought about our old farm truck. It was mostly black with red fenders. Yes, that should work.

Using a photo filter on the computer I examined many options and finally settled on printing the outline of the truck in red and quilting over it.


I usually like to quilt +/- 1/8" lines across the quilt. This time I decided to go half way between those lines for double the quilting. You can see the difference it makes on this next picture.

And yes, I like the effect it produced. I'll have to try it again sometime.

Check out all the artsy things over at Nina Marie's "Off the Wall Friday." and Amanda's "Finish It Up Friday." and "Confessions of a Fabric Addict."

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Tina and Talya Make Rainbow Trees

Tina and Talya came for a visit today. Between all the giggling and talking they each made a piece of fiber art. Using their pieces that they started a couple weeks ago, they quilted and finished their work.

Tina's "Rainbow Tree"

Talya's "Rainbow Tree"

Our inspiration is the original "Rainbow Willow Tree" by Cinnamon Cooney.

Tina used my trusty old #170Bernina to quilt her piece.

Talya quilted her piece with my new #B780Bernina.

They signed and dated their fiber art as Cinnamon suggests.

The back sides.

Between sewing times they walked around the pond and picked up duck eggs for me. Can you tell which girl held the bucket and which girl gathered the eggs?
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