Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another Glimpse

I have finished quilting the background and window sill for the backdrop of “Another Glimpse.”

The quilting is a fun process for me, stitching +/- 1/8” apart.

I cut out the cattails and grass from white paper to make an arrangement. (I plan to use a dark brown almost solid fabric for a silhouette look.) I somehow always second guess myself with the details and need some questions answered. Should there be more or less grass? more or less cattails? And how should they be arranged? Is the pot too big? Should the whole arrangement be lowered? Is it too symmetrical?

I think I’ll work on something else for a while until I get some answers!

Wednesdays are WOW days crazy mom quilts Creations by Nina-Marie

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Life … With Only a Little Quilting

I’m participating in The Pi Project. I let some of my grands pick out fabric for their own number (their age), and then I quilted their block and I’m sending the unquilted block to the Pi Project.

You too can participate.
The Pi Project
From Sally Sellers
If you don't know about The Pi Project, let me tell you about it: it is an international public art project celebrating the number Pi.  Digits are made by individual participants on fabric (hooray for fiber art!) and sewn together in the precise order in which they appear in Pi.  The result is a fabric "ribbon" that could be 200 feet or 2000 feet, depending on participation.
The Pi Project is gathering steam, but I still need numbers, especially from fiber artists!  The public has responded positively and I've received many digits on 9.5" square (24 cm) pieces of fabric.  The squares need not be fancy at all.  The deadline is Jan 31, 2015, although ASAP is a far better deadline.  Please send me a digit, and spread the word to others.  For more complete information, go to

More quilting on “Another Glimpse Through the Lattice.”


Graber Farm’s Christmas supper at The Grill.


Paul’s niece, Amanda and Phil (not pictured) and children came for a short visit.

My sister, Emily and Perry stopped in on their way to and from VA.

Georgi and Talya

Christmas lunch with the Grabers.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Monday, December 22, 2014


Recently Paul and I had a short trip to Romania.
At the Charlotte airport close to our gate I spied this kaleidoscope that kept changing with pictures that scrolled through the screens.
Copy of IMG_5540

Copy of IMG_5538

This sculpture was across the walkway from the gates.
Copy of IMG_5534

The plaque summed up my feelings about the sculpture.
Copy of IMG_5531

At the other end of the airport was a wall with live plants. A custodian told me that it takes 3 or so ladies 3 days a week to come in and keep up all the plants at the airport.
Copy of IMG_5532


Sheep on the hillside with their shepherd.
Copy of IMG_5542

I’m sure the electric company has men that know how to deal with all these wires.
Copy of IMG_5546

Paul and Jon discuss geography.
Copy of IMG_5547

We needed Cornelia to translate as we visited with Jon and Ana. Please pray for them as Ana has cancer.
Copy of IMG_5551

We stopped at Gica & Maria’s for a visit. This emblem, a gift from their friend Willard, greeted us as we walked through the gate.
Copy of IMG_5553

Gica & Maria
Copy of IMG_5556

This is the time of year when a lot of people butcher a hog.
Copy of IMG_5560

We stood and watched for quite some time as they singed the hair and skin with a torch and then scraped it clean.
Copy of IMG_5571

We visited with Ada and Corina with her 2 boys.

Tibi and Marcella with their children. Their daughter Ester is having some health issues. Remember them in prayer.
Copy of IMG_5592

We drove out to Ceregau and enjoyed the landscape as we went. Notice “Abraham’s well” on the left.

Gica and Maria pose in front of the house where she lived as a child.

The well and corn crib were essential for daily living. They kept the chickens behind those doors under the corn crib.

Small farms, chickens, and gardens are a way of life for the villagers.

Catching up on current events as they go.
Copy of IMG_5700

Iosef & Cornelia, young Iosef and Lois

Paul shares a few words at …

… the Potter’s House.

Gabe, Anna Maria, and son.

Gabe’s parents, Daniel and Elena with his sister Dana.

I can see an art quilt.

I took a walk and met our neighbors, Alin and his wife Diana.

The youth share in the evening church service in Hapria.

Aden shared how God answered our prayers when we missed our flight in Munich.

Ann Marie, Cornelia, Jenny, and Paveluk’s wife (I’m sorry I forget her name.) help prepare a snack.

A small check point by the railroad from communist days.
Copy of IMG_5579

Here she comes!

There she goes!

Aden & Ann Marie accompanied us on our trip. This is one entrance into the old fort in Alba Iulia.

We had an informal tour of the fort …

… and the orthodox church.

These pastors met in our living room to share about their lives and involvement in the Son Light Mission sponsorship program.
Copy of IMG_5925

And then it was time to head back home.
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