Thursday, August 29, 2013

Scrappy Trips Goal Met

… as a Quilter
I set a goal for August to get my “Scrappy Trips” quilt top all pieced and ready to be quilted.

I’m glad now to have met that goal and I have even started the quilting process.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Life and Fractured Quilts

Life …
Quintens pose for a family picture.
IMG_7468 1646X1452

Six little clowns!

Talya loves to snuggle up to Clyde and use him for a pillow.

… as a Quilter

We each chose 4 identical panels of fabric and sliced and sewed and diced and sewed them back together to get the #fractured look.

Marilyn’s ducks above and fish below turned out so cool.

Here are some fractures from others in our class.





Friday, August 23, 2013

Flying to See Dustin & Gina and Dana Makes a Quilt

Life …
I made a fast flying trip with Paul and Joel to NY. Paul had a CAM Rapid Response meeting in PA. Joel planned to visit Dustin & Gina in NY after dropping Paul off in PA. There were 2 extra seats in the plane so I got to hop aboard to go along.

Dustin took Joel to some airplane museum close by and Gina took me to a few little fabric shops around Penn Yan.

In his back yard, Dustin chopped and broke scrap slats for a bonfire.

This is the back side of the house where Dustin & Gina live.

They invited her family in for supper -- meat, potatoes, carrots and onions wrapped in tin foil and then smoked on the grill.

Joel roasted his marshmallows to perfection.

Gina fixed us a wonderful breakfast including homemade grape juice. Mmmmm good!

I enjoyed my short stay with Dustin & Gina so very much. It just didn’t last long enough.

On the way back to the airport Joel bought us a treat at Seneca Farms. I chose “peach” ice cream, the flavor of the week, . And that was mmmmmm good too!

And then it was time to fly back home.

… as a Quilter
Dana came over one day and became interested in making a small quilt. She’s a good fast learner …

… and got a good start on her improvisational quilt. She’s making it similar to the quilt that Gina made here.

We stopped for fuel at a small airport in Knoxville, TN. Seeing the Sunsphere reminded me of the AQS Quilt Show we had attended there earlier.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Life …

Marcus and Beth had a lovely wedding this past weekend. Beth is Paul’s niece. Her dad passed away over 10 years ago so …
Copy of IMG_6975

… Paul got to walk her down the isle.

Both Marcus and Beth love to hunt. After the wedding while we waited for the fish to fry, they had a time of shooting skeet

Most everyone had a turn that wanted a turn.

…as a Quilter

I basted my “Scrappy Trips” to get it ready for machine quilting.

Friday, August 16, 2013

AAQI Quilt -- Confusion - Out on a Limb

Life …

Uncle Author’s Bedtime Stories keeps the grands quiet for a little while.



… as a Quilter

My little quilt “Confusion – Out on a Limb” is now up for sale on the AAQI web site. You may purchase it here if someone hasn’t done so already.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gabriel & Dana and Scrappy Trips Quilt

Life ...

We invited our family along with a few friends in for a pizza supper last Saturday evening...

...and had a grocery shower and small reception to help Gabriel and Dana set up housekeeping.

While the adults visited the children played church on the stairs.
IMG_6525 1140X1842

Talya found a sitting place inside the stool instead of on the stool.
IMG_6528 1646X1765


… as a Quilter

I’m still working on my “Scrappy Trips” quilt. The center is all finished now so all it needs yet is a border and then I’ll be ready to quilt it.

We had our regular PTQ meeting on Saturday. Here are a few quilts from the Show & Tell.
Judy finished her “Star Spin” quilt that she started in a class with my sister Barbara.
Copy of IMG_6443

These ladies took a class with Watana to make these fused art quilts.
IMG_6459 1646X697

Judy’s “Houses” quilt.
IMG_6448 1646X1402

Watana made this convergence quilt.
IMG_6434 1646X2231

A charity quilt using blocks from a Karen Combs class.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Farm Life and Sequoia Quilts

Life …
I kept Talya and Georgi one day this week so their mother could help shampoo rugs at the school.

Ashton looks higher than he really is.

We took a walk out the lane to get the mail.

The water has been leaking from the pond. Usually this is no place for the grandchildren to play; but since I was with them they had great fun throwing rocks.

Paul & Ashton took me on a 4-wheeler ride across the road to look for deer. Instead, we saw lots of egrets roosting.

My nephew Andy and his brother’s daughter, Emorie came last evening and spent the night on their way to Texas.

There’s a red tint to some of the roofs at the shop.IMG_6335

Notice how the kernels of corn have little bits of red at the tip.

It’s kind of like chaff and the farmers call it “bee’s wings.”


… as a Quilter

The two sequoias I started earlier are now finished. These measure 5”X7”.
The backs with the labels.
Copy of IMG_6360
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