Monday, January 27, 2014

Silent Sentinel – Silo

And so, my silo quilt is all finished “as in done, finito, nothing more to add, ready to use/display/give away.” I was so glad for all the suggested names for my piece as all I could think of was ‘silo.’ How boring is that? And now I learned a new word, ‘sentinel’ meaning “a person or thing that watches or stands as if watching” from I had to keep pressing the button to listen to the correct pronunciation of the word. And now I’m afraid the dictionary man doesn’t have a Southern accent!  Sad smile Anyway, here is my piece.

Silent Sentinel
Copy of IMG_1123

$75.00 -- SOLD

It measures 8” X 10” and is fused and machine appliqued and quilted. I used an assortment of cotton fabric, tulle, and an assortment of cotton and polyester thread.

Copy of IMG_1126

I finished it with “fast finished triangles” and it is ready to hang.
Copy of IMG_1127

You can see my process for making this quilt by clicking HERE and HERE and HERE.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Silo Quilt Workshop

I had a fun day teaching these ladies how I make quilted fiber art from a photograph. I used my picture of a silo and showed them some of the techniques that I used HERE. Kerri sent me this picture of her finished piece yet last night. Job well done!
Keri's Silo

IMG_1102 IMG_1088
IMG_1094 IMG_1105IMG_1104 IMG_1089
IMG_1108  IMG_1092
IMG_1097 IMG_1083

Two of the ladies opted to use their own images and made these pieces.
IMG_1095  IMG_1099

To see my finished quilt "Silent Sentinel" click HERE.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Silo Quilt … Continued

My silo quilt is finished … all but the binding, label, and triangles on the back for mounting.Copy of IMG_1081

If only I wouldn’t have quilted that grass right through the base of the silo… it might look good from the wrong side!
Copy of IMG_1075

Now, what would be a good name for it?

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Silo Quilt

I’m excited to be teaching a class on how I make an art quilt from a photo.
IMG_0327  IMG_1073

The sky is acting as my background and I fused the green bushes, pale grass, and road to it in that order. Then I layered the top, batting, and the backing and quilted the sky with fairly straight lines.

After quilting the green bushes with meandering circles and the grass with a straight stitch I am ready to iron my pre-made silo to the background.

Ready for detail on the silo.

Using a fine disappearing chalk marker I drew curved lines for the wire that goes around the silo and then quilted those lines with black thread.

Then I outlined the silo and chute with a triple straight stitch and added dark areas on the chute.

Finally I added the dead vines that had grown up the side, added more grass, and then quilted the road out front.

I thought maybe I could call it ‘done,’ and go ahead and square it up and bind it; but I’m thinking now that I really should add those 2 cedar trees before I call it finished. What do you think? This is a small piece, only 8”X10”.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Haiti Benefit Auction in Florida

Life …
Paul and I traveled to Florida with my sister Coleen and Glen from Georgia. Mother had been visiting Coleen and her family for a number of weeks so she came along with them. Here we are with Vernon K. and my cousin Ann Marie and Aden, waiting in the extra long line for a catfish supper plate.

The Voice of Praise acappella quartet harmonized beautifully as they sang songs of encouragement.

Many people gathered around to watch these men saw that huge log into boards.

I enjoyed a ‘blooming onion’ made by the group from Meigs, GA. So very delicious with either Ranch or Southwest dressing. This gizmo made quick work of slicing the onion.

Paul and I spent the night with his sister Dorcas and Randy and family on our way home.

Another sister, Lois and Titus and Kelly along with Melinda, Paul’s niece came for lunch before we left for home.

… as a Quilter
I was fascinated by this quilt at the Haiti Benefit Auction and loved the design and colors. Upon closer inspection we found it to be a “cheaters” cloth! It was beautiful anyway!

Mother and Coleen take a close look at this different quilt. It almost appears to be smocked.

I loved the color and design of this unusual quilt.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Family Christmas

Life …

Our family was finally all … all 18 of us … all together for an evening meal.

We invited Scott and Fred to join us.

“Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” with Gina at the piano.

“If only he wouldn’t cry when I hold him.”

These pecans will make good cinnamon rolls and party mix.

Rummikub is fast becoming a favorite game.

I miss the singing and guitar playing that Dustin created.

Amy and Ashton hang out with Dustin and Gina.

Now that Georgi is 4 she gets to go to Sunday School and has graduated from a child’s car seat to a booster seat.

During that cold snap not too long ago when our water pipes busted, there really was ice on the pond thick enough to hold a few small rocks, but nothing more.

… as a Quilter

While Gina was paging through one of my quilt magazines she found a small modern quilt that inspired her to try to make it. I quickly encouraged her to pick some fabric, cut off the amount she needed,  and find backing and batting, before her enthusiasm waned.

I decided that each of the children could pick something from our “stuff” instead of us buying Christmas gifts for each of them. Gina chose my quilt “Rice Paddies and Cranberry Bogs.” She thought she could use it in decorating their house.
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