Thursday, May 30, 2013

Genesis and Gethsemane

Life …
The Little Red Caboose always came last.
Fun in the gravel while waiting for the meat to grill.
… as a Quilter
And now I have finished the two art pieces that my niece Coleen B. Barnhart started here.

She can magically make beauty with scissors and fabric.
After she finished her part, I did the thread painting, quilting, binding, and finishing.
Genesis – “Let there be light”
An Explosion of Joy and New Life


The Back
Insert a small dowel, chop stick, or skewer under the top triangles. Pound a nail in the wall and balance the quilt on the nail.
We lovingly refer to Coleen as Claire Bleu since her mother’s name is also Coleen. 
Gethsemane – “It was midnight in the garden when the Savior knelt to pray.”
A Dark and Stormy Night
I used bobbin thread work to create the lightning.
A second dowel, chop stick, or skewer may be placed under the bottom triangles to keep the bottom of the quilt from flipping up.
These pieces measure 9-1/2” X 9-1/2” and are for sale for $150 each (I wish I could say in my Etsy Store, but I don’t have one.) I guess you will just have to email me.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Life …
I rode with Paul and Ashton to the field to get the pickup truck and fuel trailer.
I brought it back to the farm and pumped fuel from the big tank into the little tank.
I pulled my load back out to the field for Perry. I was glad he could hook up the jumper cables to pump the fuel into his tractor.
Way out in the distance I saw Quinten planting beans.
… as a Quilter
Somehow I think this would look good in a quilt. It is inspiration for me!
Since Emily started a quilt here, I wanted to make something similar. So I pulled out one fabric for both the background and the little squares. It’s more subdued than Emily’s and doesn’t have the zing that I like. I think I’ll go ahead and add a silhouette and quilt it up anyway!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Life... as a Quilter...

Life …


Talya has grown up enough now to enjoy the ‘little tikes’ buggy.



She would like a turn painting with these young artists on their horizontal easels.



Ashton & Georgi found the drawer with the toys and tea set and made their own party of water and Nutter Butter Bites.




… as a Quilter
My sister Emily was here one day and found fabric to make an art quilt inspired by Gloria Loughman’s book “Radiant Landscapes.”



I’m anxious to see what she appliques to her background.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday

I am slowly thread painting, quilting, binding, and trying to finish up these two small art quilts that my niece Claire Bleu started.  We are collaborating (doesn’t that sound professional?) on these pieces.
Georgi is staying with us a few days while Joel and Sheila attend her Grandmother Showalter’s funeral in VA.
Gabriel resurrected “The Incredible Machine” on an old computer. He brought back some old memories from when our children played that game over and over again.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Granny’s Scraps Quilt
 Twice a year we get to enjoy an online quilt show from our own home hosted by Amy.
I’m calling my entry “Granny’s Scraps” and entering into the Group/Bee Category.

You see, last year Evie found a pile of 3” scrappy squares at our Magnolia Sewing Circle from cottons, polyester/cotton, and shirting. She brought them over to my house and wanted help in designing a quilt.

What could we make with such an odd collection? … We divided the squares into 3 piles, light, medium, and dark.

Then we put them up on my design wall in “granny square” fashion dividing the lights from the mediums with a single row of darks.

We were right pleased with the outcome and took it to our Magnolia Sewing Circle to get help with the hand quilting.

Mary, Thelma, Paul’s mom, and Anna Mae have a turn putting in stitches.

Even the children like to be around the quilt.

Here it’s all finished and ready for it’s new home.
Detail and backing.

Granny’s Scraps

Finished: May 15, 2013
Dimensions: 90"X74"
Fiber: cotton, poly/cotton, shirting
Hand Quilted by Magnolia Sewing Circle Ladies

Category: Group/Bee

Creations by Nina-Marie

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hangar Doors and PTQ

The farm boys have been working on the sagging hangar doors.IMG_1196
They removed the main wooden beam above the doors and replaced it with a metal one.IMG_1190

Saturday I went to our monthly PTQ meeting. I always enjoy the “Show and Tell” to see what others are making. Sandi made this Pineapple Block quilt. Notice that the center square is a 4-patch instead of one fabric.
This 12 year old girl was a visiting guest. She made this quilt and needed help with mitering the borders. We were glad to help her and hope she comes back.IMG_1206
Patti, Ebba, Diane, and Linda show quilt tops they made in a class.IMG_1209
 Marjorie has finished her Hunter’s Star quilt.IMG_1230
Sue, Rita, Diane, and Patti show quilt tops they made in Paducah.IMG_1224

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Work in Progress and Our Family

My design wall is full! I have a lot of projects that need finishing! And then too I have a few that are ready to go on exhibit and I just got back some of my work from another exhibit and decided to pin them up also for the time being.

A few years back I was influences by my sister Polly the Patchworker at a quilt show to purchase some embroidery blocks from Africa. In so doing we would be helping out disadvantaged rural African women. You can read about the Tambani project here. I pulled out my blocks and sashed them and sewed them together to be hand quilted later. I am needing some hand work for a road trip we plan to take West this summer.


We used to be two … and now we are 17!
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