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Friday, March 23, 2018

Weeping Willow V for SAQA

My 12"x12" benefit auction piece "Weeping Willow V" is now in the hands of SAQA.


I started out by marking a 1.25" grid on the background fabric.

From the same fabric I fused 'Heat-n-Bond' to the back of another piece.

The fabric on the left has the fusible on it. The right fabric has the marked grid on it.

I cut strips at one inch intervals and then into 1" squares a few at a time. Keeping them in the proper orientation I fused the squares onto the fabric with the grid.

More squares fused to the background fabric.

Leftover squares and triangles for another project!

The background is layered with batting and a backing and ready for quilting.

Deciding which spool of thread to use and on a violet silk fabric for the silhouette of the tree.

Straight line quilting +/- 1/8" for the background using a walking foot.

Preparing the tree, branches, and leaves for the weeping willow.

Fusing the tree to the quilted background.

Deciding which thread to use for the free motion stitching on the tree.

Finished, "Weeping Willow V" with facing hand stitched to the back.

The back.

Signed and dated.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Great Fishing for SAQA

This is my 2017 donation piece for the SAQA Benefit Auction.
I'm calling it "Great Fishing." See how that fish has been enticed by the lure?
It measures 12"X12".

Here's a detail shot for you to see the quilting stitches up close.

The back is signed and has a 2" hanging sleeve.

So, how did I make this piece? Here are some of the steps I took. I marked a grid on the background fabric on the left and cut out patches from the fused fabric on the right.

Next I cut out square patches from the fused fabric and laid them onto the background fabric.

More patches cut out and laid onto the background fabric a little at a time.

Now the patches can be pressed down and ...

... the piece is trimmed and ready to be layered with batting and a backing.

I chose Superior's Fantastico thread ...

... for the horizontal quilting.

This is the fun part.

Just about finished with quilting the background.

I cut out pieces of black Kona Cotton with fusible on it and arranged the pieces to form the fish.

After some modifications; I quilted the black with an orange thread.

And then I decided to add more and more orange thread. My black fish turned into a gold fish.

Friday, September 09, 2016

2016 SAQA Benefit Auction

Benefit Auction starts Sept 16th!

There are many wonderful pieces of fiber art on this benefit auction, including my "Willow."
You can see how I made my piece in a previous post HERE.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Willow, a Tutorial

Here's a tutorial on how I made my "Willow" art quilt for the SAQA Benefit Auction.

Background fabric.

Patches fabric.

Patches fabric with fusible on the back.

Background fabric that I marked into a 1.25" grid on the diagonal.

1" square patches being cut from the patches fabric.

Square patches transferred to background fabric and kept in correct placement.

More square patches transferred to background fabric. 

All the patches in place and fused to the background.

Layer the top, batting and backing and begin quilting.

Add more quilting, and more quilting, and more quilting.

Keep adding lines of quilting until they are +/- 1/8" apart.

Audition fabric for a silhouette.

Sketch of bouquet.

Fuse dark brown silhouette fabric to fusible.

Cut willow tree parts from paper and audition for placement.

Audition dark brown and gold leaves.

Audition dark brown and white leaves.

Decide to go with all dark brown silhouette.

Fuse tree and leaves in place.

Cut and make more leaves.

Fuse everything in place.

Free motion quilt the tree and leaves.

Continue quilting.

All quilted and ready for trimming.

Trimmed to 12" square. Facings are cut and the long edges ironed down.

Ready to apply the facings.

Facings are pinned to the front and ready to be sewed, turned to the back, and finished with hand stitching.

Finished front.

The back with hanging sleeve and label.

Ready to mail to SAQA.

 Needle and Thread Thursday Really Random
Creations by Nina-Marie 
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