Thursday, May 16, 2013

Granny’s Scraps Quilt
 Twice a year we get to enjoy an online quilt show from our own home hosted by Amy.
I’m calling my entry “Granny’s Scraps” and entering into the Group/Bee Category.

You see, last year Evie found a pile of 3” scrappy squares at our Magnolia Sewing Circle from cottons, polyester/cotton, and shirting. She brought them over to my house and wanted help in designing a quilt.

What could we make with such an odd collection? … We divided the squares into 3 piles, light, medium, and dark.

Then we put them up on my design wall in “granny square” fashion dividing the lights from the mediums with a single row of darks.

We were right pleased with the outcome and took it to our Magnolia Sewing Circle to get help with the hand quilting.

Mary, Thelma, Paul’s mom, and Anna Mae have a turn putting in stitches.

Even the children like to be around the quilt.

Here it’s all finished and ready for it’s new home.
Detail and backing.

Granny’s Scraps

Finished: May 15, 2013
Dimensions: 90"X74"
Fiber: cotton, poly/cotton, shirting
Hand Quilted by Magnolia Sewing Circle Ladies

Category: Group/Bee

Creations by Nina-Marie

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