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Monday, February 13, 2017

Some Highlights of Our Heatwole Sewing Retreat

I love being with my family.
We sure missed Sheila ...

... and our sister-in-law Cheryl joined us later for a couple days.

Mother and Polly worked with color and value on this project. For most of mothers life she has been an artist painting with oils. Polly heard her say several times that she sure was enjoying this layout of color.

Then Polly worked all day making blocks for this quilt.

Our sewing space was simply amazing. Lots of room to spread out.

Mother is telling a great granddaughter Dori the story of the time she worked in a sewing factory on a fast machine and after going home she sewed over her finger with her momma's slow sewing machine.

Here's a finish. Emily's Moo Cow.

I made this quilt for a grandson Josiah and have blocks for another grandson Bryce.

This one has a modern feel to it.

June did a lot of hand sewing on this heirloom quilt that was started years ago by her husbands relative.

Coleen's project was to put the finishing touches on her velvet pillows. Mother did the piecing years ago and Coleen did the fancy stitching and is making them into pillows.

Afton was a trouper making this from start to finish. She even wanted to quilt it but didn't have a backing.

Her momma Jolene's final creation.

Cheryl made this stunning quilt from a layer cake packet. Love it.

This quilt is for a competition coming up soon. I call it "Summer's Heat."

Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Trip to Sarasota, FL

Paul and I had a weekend trip to Florida.

Crossing the Mobile River.

We met my sister Sheila & Sanford...

... at Dave's Catfish House...

... in Atmore, AL for supper.

Then we traveled on to Sarasota, FL and met another sister, Coleen & Glen and had supper with them at Der Dutchman.

After the men's SLM board meeting on Friday, we had supper at the Haiti Benefit Auction site. Most people, like us, opted to wait in the long line for catfish.

Full house, tent!

This was my view for the evening program.

Imagine my surprise when I spied not just one ...

... but two quilts made from my sister Barbara Cline's pattern from her book Star Struck Quilts to be auctioned off.

This was another quilt that I liked.

And these dolls were so cute, ready to find a new home.

It was so special to visit with my Great Uncle Nelson. He is Grandfather Ralph's youngest brother and the only living sibling.

And another surprise meeting was with Dave and Martha Rohrer's Clifford. Dave and Martha bought our place up on Dry River; and we moved to Bridgewater when I was six.

... to be continued.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Daddy's Ties from Buck Hildreth

Life ...
Rusty was entertained for a bit with the mirrors on the medicine cabinet.

... as a Quilter
I finished the quilt I have been working on for "Pea Picker." I just love the way the light reflects and gives luminosity to the quilt.

"Daddy's Ties"
from the collection of 'Buck' Hildreth.
Each tie was picked open and ironed. Then I added a lightweight woven interfacing to each piece to help stabilize the fabric.

I quilted it with loop-dee-loops and then trimmed it and sewed on the binding with my machine. Then I hand stitched the binding to the back side.

The label

And then Mr. Jimmy (Pea Picker) came by to pick it up. I think he was as pleased as me.

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

En Provence and Tina's 5th Birthday

I finished clue #4 of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt "En Provence." Now I'm wondering how the green and yellow will work into the mix.
We were invited to Craigs for pizza on Saturday evening...

... in celebration of Tina's 5th birthday.

The lady bug cake was a hit with the children. Just look at the black mouths an tongues from that icing!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Pond and a Lost Quilt

Life ...
I got to keep Joel & Sheila's children for a day and a night. While Georgi was in school Talya and Delta used the high chair as a desk to color.

I have enjoyed our pond out in front of the house so much. We get a little wildlife and then the morning sunrises are magnified by the reflection of the sky in the water.

The pond has been leaking for some time now; and finally we are getting it fixed. Yesterday they cut a hole in the dike to drain the water.

Itlooks different from over here on the levy.

With the water draining out there were thousands of small fish locked into puddles of water.

... as a Quilter
Yaaay. The lost is found. Paul brought in my "Ugliest" quilt the other day. He said he found it in the farm Pete.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Farm Life and Quilt of Miriam

Life ...

Paul needed me to drive him to the field ...

... so he could dislodge a stump from the bean header.

Playing Uno with the older grands didn't work too well when the younger ones wanted me to read a book.

... as a Quilter
I took an old photograph of Paul's sister Miriam ...

... and tweaked it on the computer using a filter.

Then I printed it out onto fabric and quilted it.
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