Friday, March 17, 2017

A Visit With Mother in Virginia

Life ...

It's been so nice to have Dustin & Gina with us for a little while. And Tina, Talya, and Georgi think so too.

We had a Sunday lunch invitation to Darren & Becky Knepp's place. The children sure enjoyed the battery operated car. "Come on Ashton, give us a push!"

Becky fixed us a Belizean meal and made her own soft tacos. Delicious!

And now I get to spend some time in Virginia with Mother. She loves working with her flowers. I can tell by the whistle/hum of "Do Not Pass Me By" that she is happy.

She has a beautiful view of North River out her living room windows and loves to feed the birds and watch the ducks, geese, and wildlife. Today she saw 5 deer crossing the river down at the ripples.

I took her up the river to see the tree house that my nephew Josh Helmuth is building. It's going to be an Airbnb and is quite cozy and will be a beautiful place to stay.

Monday, March 13, 2017

"Patches" Workshop

I just love these small pieces of fiber art that were made by my students in my "Patches" workshop.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

East to Home

Our road trip continued east with a stop at Meteor Crater near Flagstaff, AZ ...

... and then through Winslow to ...

... Holbrook, AZ for the night.

We enjoyed the cars and ...

... trucks of yesteryear.

This cute little camper caught Paul's attention.

I wanted to spend the night in one of the Tee Pees next to an old car; but Paul thought otherwise!

Coming on East we stopped outside of Amarillo, TX at the Cadillac Ranch, where we did a little graffiti ...

... and enjoyed a park in Wichita Falls, TX ...

... and on to my sister Emily & Perry's place for 2 nights.

The creativity in her sewing room is marvelous.

While the men worked on Perry's pickup truck, Emily took me around.
I helped her stuff envelopes for their concrete business and then ...

... we went to some thrift shops and on to one of her friends who quilts.

And now it's home again. Our 20 year shingles did pretty good holding up for 18 years.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam

We enjoyed this scenic overlook at Powell Lake near Page, AZ ...

... and later walked to the Glen Canyon Dam.

The Colorado River continues it's run South to Grand Canyon.

~~~~~Parting Shot~~~~~

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Zion National Park

Life ...
It's hard for me to describe the beauty we saw at Zion National Park.

We chose to walk the easy trail to "The Narrows." From here on you had to wade in water.

... as a Quilter
Paul so graciously stopped at Superior Threads for me. Even though they were closed; I was glad at least for a photo.
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