Monday, January 27, 2014

Silent Sentinel – Silo

And so, my silo quilt is all finished “as in done, finito, nothing more to add, ready to use/display/give away.” I was so glad for all the suggested names for my piece as all I could think of was ‘silo.’ How boring is that? And now I learned a new word, ‘sentinel’ meaning “a person or thing that watches or stands as if watching” from I had to keep pressing the button to listen to the correct pronunciation of the word. And now I’m afraid the dictionary man doesn’t have a Southern accent!  Sad smile Anyway, here is my piece.

Silent Sentinel
Copy of IMG_1123

$75.00 -- SOLD

It measures 8” X 10” and is fused and machine appliqued and quilted. I used an assortment of cotton fabric, tulle, and an assortment of cotton and polyester thread.

Copy of IMG_1126

I finished it with “fast finished triangles” and it is ready to hang.
Copy of IMG_1127

You can see my process for making this quilt by clicking HERE and HERE and HERE.

January Finishes
Creations by Nina-Marie
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