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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Revisiting "Go Mississippi"

Back in 2014 I made this piece of fiber art to represent Mississippi, the Magnolia State. The pine trees tell of Mississippi's forestry and the blue speaks of the water at the coast in the Gulf of Mexico.

I took a picture of my piece and played with it in Dreamscope and PicsArt to try some of their filters.

Go Mississippi in ink printed on watercolor paper.

Go Mississippi II in ink printed on water color paper.

What fun I had making my trial and error pieces.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Watercolor with Robin Whitfield and a “Jelly Roll”

Last Saturday I took a beginners watercolor class with Robin Whitfield.

Her artwork is on display at the Rosenzweig Art Center in Columbus, MS this month.

Here are a few pieces of her artwork that I like.

She does a lot of pictures of nature and really enjoys the swamps.

She gave me permission to translate her work into fiber art.

These are some of the pieces that we, her students, made in her outdoor class.


My sister Emily gave me some “jelly roll” fabric strips over a year ago. She recently threatened to take them back if I wasn’t going to use them.

So, I decided to quick make a quilt with them. I decided on the pattern “Scrappy Trips” by Bonnie Hunter.

The instructions said that anything goes and will work. I was afraid that there wasn’t enough contrast in the strips, but after I laid the blocks out on the floor, I am pleased as punch. I think it’s looking great. This is only half of the blocks as I have I have another “jelly roll” just like the first.

I’m not too sure about the yellow border but they were 2 strips left over. Maybe pink or the darker blue would be a better choice.
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