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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Revisiting "Go Mississippi"

Back in 2014 I made this piece of fiber art to represent Mississippi, the Magnolia State. The pine trees tell of Mississippi's forestry and the blue speaks of the water at the coast in the Gulf of Mexico.

I took a picture of my piece and played with it in Dreamscope and PicsArt to try some of their filters.

Go Mississippi in ink printed on watercolor paper.

Go Mississippi II in ink printed on water color paper.

What fun I had making my trial and error pieces.

Friday, June 23, 2017


I love the slower pace of life in the villages with time to visit neighbors and friends.

How do they know which wire goes to what?

I'm thinking art!

We took a short drive out into the country through the next village.

Adi & Ariana hosted an open house for their new ministry "Hospice Eliana."

Paul and Adan helped get the center ready for the event.

Over 100 people, including doctors, nurses, mayor, priest, pastors, professors, family, and friends attended.

The spectacular array of food was all donated.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Magnolia II Quilt

Life …

Ashton can beat me in putting these puzzles together.

… as a Quilter

I cut out the petals from a fabric made of soft pastel colors.

I thought at first that I would quilt all the background +/- 1/8” apart so I started in the middle and was working my way out to the top and bottom. And then I changed my mind. I decided to quilt approximately 2” apart and then fuse my magnolia to the quilt. Why waste all that beautiful thread under the magnolia?

I highlighted the pastel petals with Inktense pencils and love the darkening effect.

And now it’s on to the quilting.

 Creations by Nina-Marie 

     Wednesdays are WOW daysWIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Friday, December 05, 2014

Magnolia II

… as a Quilter

It’s time to begin my “real” Magnolia for our PTQ Ultimate Guild Challenge. You can see my first sample HERE.

Can you see a very faint sketch of the magnolia through the background fabric?

I cut out oblong shapes to fill the petals and now that I’ve placed them on the background fabric I think something needs to change.

The small oblong pieces were cut from the bottom fabric. It seems I need more contrast to make a distinction with the light and dark on the petals. Should I choose another fabric for the petals? Or for the background? Or both?

I hope you enjoy lots of inspirations at these creative links.
Creations by Nina-Marie 
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