Sunday, October 07, 2012

Jed & Vicki and Random Happenings

Yesterday we attended the wedding of Paul's niece Vicki to Jed.
Then for supper we invited in all the Grabers and their company.
Our house was "buzzing" with people. We want our home to be open and everyone welcome, so our slogan is, "There's alway's room for one more." We counted 90 guests! We had hoped to visit and eat outside, but alas the weather turned cold so we opted to fellowship inside.
After working hard on the combine and ...
... and fixing up the farm truck, ...

... Perry bought Blue Bell ice cream and ...
... treated the farm hands.

Miriam gave Kenneth this whopper of a unicycle for his birthday!


Emily & I went to the Pine Belt Quilt Show in Hattiesburg where my "Climbing Higher -- Jacob's Ladder" quilt won an honorable mention ribbon.

Gabriel showed me a few things he's getting done on his Leagle Eagle ultralight.
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