Saturday, December 22, 2012


Paul got me a new camera for Christmas.  I really like the Canon Power Shot but what I had was a heavy old clunker. Georgi loved taking pictures with it so a bequeathed it to her for her 2nd birthday. I showed her how to load the 4 AA batteries and gave her the battery charger with all the extras. It seems like a big heavy camera for a little girl, but she likes it.


Amy helped me pick out a new Canon Power Shot SX260. It has a 20X optical zoom that I think I will really like. This is the first picture I took with it.


This was a shot from way across the room. Ashton has been sick, so he stayed in his pajamas all day today!


Joel, Sheila, Georgi & Talya came for pizza tonight. Really, they brought it with them from Pizza Hut. That was special treat for me.


Talya loves her mom and is growing so fast. She has already learned to craw.


Georgi loves the tickling vibrations on her back from Grampa.


This Christmas week will be fairly quiet around here with Joels going to VA, Quintens to WY, Dustins in NY & PA, and Craigs in OH. And then Gabriel went to GA and Darryl to SC.

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