Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Coconut Candy, Unbaked Fruit Cake, and Party Mix

I’ve been making sweets, good ole three tier coconut candy from a recipe handed down by Grandmother Vera Heatwole. My nephew’s wife, Hope made the same candy here and hers looks so good and yummy. Mine is good and yummy too, but you can’t tell it by my pictures! :)
I added green coloring and almond flavor to this layer.

This first layer I left uncolored and added vanilla flavoring.

The middle layer is pink and has a cinnamon flavor to it.

Yesterday I made unbaked fruitcake. It usually turns out great and I get lots of compliments. But, this time I did too much tweaking and didn’t have enough graham crackers and substituted rice & corn chex for the crackers. Now it has a crunchy bite. And I usually use dried cherries and couldn’t find them at the grocery story so I bought the marchino cherries in the juice and drained them. I think they were still too damp for my recipe. And then another thing, I used more marshmallows than the recipe called for.

So what to do? I cut the pieces and laid them out on cookie sheets to dry. It may take 2 months! In the mean time I think I’ll gather the correct ingredients and try again! Maybe I should just go sew.

The bouquet is from Amy & Ashton for Paul & my 35th wedding anniversary.

The gift is for someone, I don’t know who yet, in our Possum Town Quilters.

The party mix is made and I have a big batch on hand for Paul and whoever comes around. He likes to keep it on hand for a snack throughout the day!

And the coconut candy needs to be cut.

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