Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fairy Quilt Godmother

Here she is, all quilted up!

Close up and detail of quilting.

Before quilting her face.

This lady will be on exhibit with a few of her friends of like kind at the Rozenwig Art Center in Columbus, MS for the month of July. I hope you will stop by and tell them "hey!"

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kendall and Crystal

Congratulations and Best Wishes to our friend and neighbor
Crystal to her best friend Kendall!

Crystal did this remarkable drawing that was set up on a table as you entered the reception.

The bridal party.

We learned that when he came to visit Crystal for the first time, little sister Rosanna greeted him at the door with a handshake with a hand full of butter!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Corn Day

I was so glad for all the help we could get.

Sheila was glad to have corn for her freezer too.

Dustin & Sheila have quite the interesting conversations.

We put up 80 - 90 pints.

Paul and Dustin stuck with us until it was all done.

Talya did well and was easy to care for.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Heatwole Campout at Lake Norris Dam

Our Heatwole family ...

... met in Lake City, TN at the Norris Dam State Park for our campout.

Joel is learning more facts about Norris Dam.

The Lenoir Museum is close by and has artifacts that depict the Appalachian way of life.

Coleen and June admire pretty glass in the museum.

Polly liked this old Willcox and Gibbs sewing machine.

I liked the General Store area.

The Rice Gristmill was close by and fun to explore.

The Caleb Crosby Threshing Barn was relocated here in 1978.

Figuring out details at the threshing barn.

Our tour is almost over.

 Back at camp ...

Let's move our tents to a different location!

Yes, that's better now.

Corn Hole was one of many games with lots of visiting and cheering on the side lines.

Polly showed us a quilt she is working on for a booth at their up coming church conference get-together.

Mother was in awe with all the people present and all because of one choice she made when Father ask her to marry him.

Twenty-five of the 43 cousins were present.

Claire taught us a few pointers on taking pictures. (Now, if I can only remember all she said.)

Autumn and Justus

Timmy & Diana

Siblings, Gabe & Claire. Doesn't Polly remind you of Father?

Jim & June

Cousins -- Rebecca, Justus, & Amy

Dustin and his girlfriend Gina

Aaron, Aimee, Emorie, & Madolyn

Benjamin & Melissa

Jillian fixing scrambled eggs for brunch.

Claire & Katina. They really are twins!


Jim & June with 2 of their grands, Kianna and Afton

Sanford & Sheila. Some people think I look like her.

And here is Dustin & Gina again.

Katina and Brock

Yours Truely

Perry & Emily

Josh & Jillian

Julian & Jodie

Sheila and Caleb

Mike and Hannah

There was some good singing around the campfire and then Aaron fixed a big kettle of popcorn.

Oh, look how this app shows the night sky!

A grandaughter for each of these Grammas.

Sheila shows us how she can "talk" her text messages.

Craig & Angie

Barbara tried to teach Georgi the "do-re-mi"s.

Josh & Hope

Poor Kiana, with an insect bite and untammed hair.

There! I'm sure she feels much better.

Katina "woking" meat for brunch.

Claire arranged a beautiful plate of fruit for brunch.

A wonderful game of 4-square brought back childhood memories for me.

Barbara, is that roaster as heavy as you think?

The trash was a never ending job.

Camping has been just too much fun for Joshua.

--Parting Shot--

Traveling Home
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