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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Life and Patches Workshops

Life ...
The box of Dustin's forgotten boots was returned to me because the 'send' label came off. I quick took it back to the post office and they shipped it out again at no extra charge. How nice is that?

While Evie helped clean for an elderly lady from church, I got to take care of Teryn and Rusty.

I'm ready to go buy a new washing machine. The clothes wrapping around the agitator is quite bothersome.

... as a Quilter
My sister Polly gifted me with lots and lots of basting pins. I was so glad for them today getting Josiah's quilt ready for machine quilting.

Recently I have taught my "Patches" class in Virginia ...

... and Mississippi.

I just love the creativity of the students and ...

... their choices for the silhouettes.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

"Lily" Class with Magnolia Quilters of Orange Grove

I was right "proud" of all these quilters who took my "Lily" class on Saturday.

They got right down to work and cut strips from their fused fabric.

Then they cut squares from the strips and made small colored piles.

After arranging the squares onto their background fabric and cutting out and arranging the black silhouette of a lily and the borders; they began quilting.

I was so pleased with their end results.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Teryn's 2nd Birthday, Guests, Linda's Lilies, and Outside Fun

Life ...

Teryn and the turkeys greeted us for an evening of ...

... celebrating his 2nd birthday.

We welcome a new grandson, Rusty Cole into our family. Quinten & Evie now have a quartet of boys.

Recent visitors in our home were my first cousin Elaine & Larry Picket, all the way from Yakima, WA.

And from further away, we welcomed Horatiu and Gina from Romania.

Georgi and Tina wanted to see what it looked like inside the hog barns.

Talya joined them in the cotton. It wasn't as much fun as they were hoping with all the hulls and sticks poking them.

... as a Quilter

I have finally started to quilt Teryn Ray's quilt that I started way back here.

Linda and Carol Sue came and spent the day with me. Linda quilted her "Lilies" that she had started in my class in Starkville.

I really like how it turned out.

The quilting added an extra dimension of color and texture.

Friday, July 24, 2015

A Glimpse Through the Lattice -- Roses

I'm working on a new lattice quilt. The challenge is to use the fabrics provided plus a few of your choice.

I marked a grid on the pink fabric and cut square patches from the floral fabric and fused them down onto the grided pink fabric.

Then I did the same for the green fabric; which is hard to see against the brown cardboard.

Now there are a pink and a green lattice window ready to use.

Close up of green lattice.

Close up of pink lattice.

Next I made a grid on the solid black fabric and fused another section of floral patches. When I was about 1/2 done with that I decided to lay the uncut floral next to the black lattice and I liked the effect.

I retrieved the small pink triangles from leftovers from my "Only a Lily" quilt and laid them around the composition.

Thinking that it still needed another element, I cut narrow strips to form three pink lattices in random areas. I thought maybe they may look too bulky.

So I tried laying a mesh at random areas.

I think I like the pink strips best.

Linking to Nina Maria's "Off the Wall Friday."

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