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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Magnolia Comfort Knotting

We recently had our annual comfort knotting at our church. It's a fun evening with the whole church helping out.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Quilting Week

This has been a hand quilting week for me. Our Magnolia Mennonite Sewing Circle had a small turn out on Tuesday. I helped with the quilting around this frame.

Mikey watches Kate tighten the clamp.
 Michelle irons a dress she is making and Sherilyn & Mikey sew the binding to a comforter.

Karen works on the binding of another comforter.

I also helped quilt with these ladies at Maple Street in Columbus.

Bessie and Zella are tying this quilt while Lawana does the marking.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Moon Rise

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Magnolia Sewing Circle

Our Magnolia Sewing Circle was well attended today.
Katelyn, Darlene, Erica, and Dawn start tying from around the outside edge.
Then the quilt is rolled in from the two sides so they can reach the center.
Darlene, Rachel, Dawn, and Deborah

 Angie, Edith, Belinda, and little Allison work together on this sampler.

Sheila, Rosalie, Darlene, and Loretta start tying this top.

Since school is out, Carmen got to come and sew strips together for a quilt top.

Shirlene found the floor to be the best place for her job.

We had a lot of hand quilters around the frame today. Starting in the 7 o'clock position going clockwise, Carol, Louise, Elmina, Edith, Miriam, Dawn, Belinda, Thelma, Joanna, and Vada.

Katelyn, Carmen, and Deborah pin the binding, getting this comforter ready for stitching.
 Mary cut out a few dresses.

Yours Truely

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Magnolia Sewing Circle

I so much enjoyed our day at sewing circle this month. 

The hand quilters have started quilting this donated beautiful sampler top.

There were 18 comforts that were tied at our annual March comfort knotting.

Now they needed to be bound and finished.

Some of the ladies prepared the edges of the comforts for finishing.

Others finished the comforts by machine sewing the binding and edges.

There were a total of 18 comforters finished and are now ready for charity.


I enjoyed a visit from Marleen Berry Hanson the other day. She is from Columbus but grew up in the Shenandoah Valley near Luray and that's just not far from my home stomping grounds.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Magnolia Sewing Circle

It's so much fun getting together to sew with friends.

Someone donated these blocks that remind me of the Cathedral Window pattern. Rosetta is finding a way to put them together for a comfort top.

Thelma, Elmina, Norma, and Carol are hand quilting a baby quilt for a layette.

It was a cold and windy day so the children mostly played indoors.

Kendall watches his mom, Sherilyn sew blocks together.

Chrystal finds a backer for this top.

Friends, Addison and Lia.

Little Kenny watches his Mom Laura sew that one seam.

Kenny peeps through the machine's throat and gives his mom a smile.

We each were to bring a can of soup for lunch. They were all mixed together ...

... and served with homemade bread, honeybutter, and a broccoli salad. It was delicious.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Magnolia's Annual Guest Day Sewing

Each year in November our Magnolia Mennonite Sewing Circle has a special Guest Day Sewing.

I'm guessing we had a record breaker this year with around 70 adults and 50 children in attendance. 
 Some tied quilts while ...
 ... others wrapped Christmas Bundles for the Olive Branch Mission in Cherry Creek, SD.
Most of the children played outside but a few found their way to the coloring table. 
 This top was started at last years Guest Day Sewing and now it's being tied.
Quilting on a baby quilt. 
The ladies at this table made young girls dresses for Shining Light Children's Home in Mexico. 
The sun was setting when I arrived home.

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