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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Spring Paducah

What fun I had in Paducah. There was inspiration in so many places. These quilts at the quilt show were breathtaking.

The exhibit of quilts by Victoria Finley Wolfe was wonderful.

I even got to sit and chat a bit with Victoria and then ...

... she so graciously posed for a picture with me.

Lunch at Max's Brick Oven Cafe ...

... in the courtyard was delicious and an inviting place to relax.

The volunteer at the Yieser Art Center made the exhibit of 'Fantastic Fibers' very interesting for me.

My friend Eva Marie tried out a long-arm quilting machine.

I made this quilt, "A Plate of Pineapples" in 2007.

Kayoka Hata from Japan took inspiration from my quilt and made this quilt "Motherly Affection."

Monday, February 13, 2017

En Provence Finale

This is my version of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt "En Provence." I finished sewing all the blocks together recently at our annual Heatwole Sewing Retreat.
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

My sisters Emily and Polly and a friend Queena also joined in the fun of making "En Provence."
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It's so neat seeing how the same pattern looks with different fabrics.
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And now I'm already looking forward to next year's mystery quilt.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Trip to Sarasota ... Continued

I always enjoy watching the quilts sell at the Haiti Benefit Auction. So often they just don't bring what I think they are worth.

The folks from Meigs, GA made blooming onions for lunch.

We left after lunch and went to Sarasota Jungle Gardens.

We ... being Paul and me, ...

... my cousin Ann Marie and Adan, and ...

... my sister Coleen and Glen.

The flamingos were so pretty and would eat right out of our hands. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they could survive on our pond?

And I loved the beautiful colors of the parrots...

... but wasn't too fond of all these alligators!

The walk through the gardens was also pretty.

And then it was time to head on up the road. Paul and I chose to travel along the coast just west of Tampa crossing the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

We stopped at Treasure Island, walked out onto the beach, and watched the kites for a while.

And then it was time to head on north for home.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Children, En Provence, and Daddy's Ties

Games and storybooks kept Georgi, Talya, and Delta entertained while their parents were out for the evening.


I had fun trying different arrangements with the units.

And now I have started working on clue #3. I'm a bit leery about the light purples being too dark; but I'm tired of second guessing myself and decided to just go for it...

...and use my original pallet of fabrics.

The quilt I'm making for 'Pea Picker' of his "Daddy's Ties" is in the quilting stage now. Here I have matched up 'frames' for the smaller rectangles.

This is the finished top that is ready for quilting. I like the luminosity that the silk ties provide.

'Pea Picker' brought some of his daddy's shirts to me and I thought to use them for the back of the quilt. After I got it all pieced I decided that it just didn't go with the classy silk front. So I found a better suited backer. This back would be great for a more casual top.

Good morning -- through the kitchen window.

Ashton had Darren over to play on Saturday morning. After having fun around the muddy pond out in the cold, they were glad for the laundry tub and warm water.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Magnolia Sewing Circle

Our Magnolia Sewing Circle was well attended today.
Katelyn, Darlene, Erica, and Dawn start tying from around the outside edge.
Then the quilt is rolled in from the two sides so they can reach the center.
Darlene, Rachel, Dawn, and Deborah

 Angie, Edith, Belinda, and little Allison work together on this sampler.

Sheila, Rosalie, Darlene, and Loretta start tying this top.

Since school is out, Carmen got to come and sew strips together for a quilt top.

Shirlene found the floor to be the best place for her job.

We had a lot of hand quilters around the frame today. Starting in the 7 o'clock position going clockwise, Carol, Louise, Elmina, Edith, Miriam, Dawn, Belinda, Thelma, Joanna, and Vada.

Katelyn, Carmen, and Deborah pin the binding, getting this comforter ready for stitching.
 Mary cut out a few dresses.

Yours Truely
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