Monday, March 30, 2015

Life, Wedding, Rena and Lily Quilt

Recently Rena joined our Possum Town Quilters for a visit. I was so pleased to see her finished “Lily” quilt. She came to our house for a class last winter (here) to learn the technique. I like the way she changed it from a lily to tulips to make it personal and unique.

We were invited out to Levis along with our neighbors, Nathan & Amanda for a fish fry. Amanda wanted to learn how to fry those good catfish.

Levi times the frying time to 5 or 6 minutes depending on the size of the fillet.

We attended the wedding of Josh and Dasie.

Josh’s folks, Walter and Myra

Josh’s cousins from PA.

We don’t often see ice in Mississippi.


And then it warmed up and Paul and I went for a walk.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ralph / Vera Heatwole Reunion and Mother’s Oil Painting Exhibit

My brother, Oren Jr. and Paul help hang the oil paintings.


David and Rachel brought their painting to share in the exhibit. Rachel said they took their painting along with them to Pureto Rico when they lived down there.


Paul and I stayed with my brother Oren Jr. Cheryl made this beautiful quilt for the guest bed.


This painting was gifted back to our family from Linda H. What a treasure!


This is one of Mother’s earlier paintings.


Aunt Vera Rose and Bonnie


This is only a small part of all the china Mother has painted.


Katina, Coleen, and Michael examine broken bits and pieces of Potter John Heatwole pottery.


June, Marlene, and Aunt Vera Rose help prepare lunch.


Mother and Aunt Doris found a good story to share.


Sheldon acted as master of ceremonies.


Dennis & Naomi


Twins – and a few sets are missing.


As we boarded the bus for our “Vera’s Journey” tour, I snapped a few photos of my cousins and families.

And now I can’t even remember some of my 1st cousin’s names. I’m not sure if this is Helen or Grace; but I do know she is U. James and A. Doris’ daughter.


Loren & Renee and boys


Danny & Benita. Does she look like me?


Paul and Yours Truely


Lonnie & Krista


Heidi or Cheryl? U. Robert & A. Twila’s daughter and husband


Royal & Jenn


Sheldon & Anita


Barton & Amiee


My baby sister, Barbara


Kathy was our guide and told us about the different places that are mentioned in the book.


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Magnolia II

The theme for our Possum Town Quilter’s 2015 Ultimate Guild Challenge was to create a piece of fiber art with the Southern Magnolia Flower. My challenge was to present the white/cream flower in color. I fused applique pieces to a colorful background fabric and then used intense pencils for highlights and details.

Copy of IMG_6368

36" X 36" -- $810
Made from commercial cottons 

You can see more of my process HERE and on my first Magnolia.




We are celebrating Mother’s 90th birthday this coming weekend in VA. Isn’t she a cute baby, charming youth, classy adult, and  beautiful woman?

Marg. invitation

Friday, February 27, 2015

Heatwole Sewing Retreat and Father's Shirts

Our annual family sewing retreat took place on the Outer Banks of NC.
IMG_6411 750X1000

My first project was to make another small quilt from Father’s Shirts. You can see my first one HERE and HERE.
IMG_6450 749X1000

Mother marked the backside of some of the squares for me to sew diagonally to get 2 half square triangles from 2 squares.IMG_6477 750X1000

I chain stitched the squares and then Mother snipped the thread between the chain and then cut on the diagonal line making 2 half square triangles.
IMG_6396 715X1000

Inspiration for this quilt came from the book “Mad About Plaid” by Debbie Bacon.
IMG_6454 1000X761

I thought I was finished with this top; but now I want to change those light triangles in the border for a medium value.
Father's Shirts 1000X796

Now Coleen is taking the scraps and making herself a “Father’s Shirts” quilt too.
IMG_6473 1000X963

Jolene machine quilted her huge queen size quilt on her domestic Bernina. I think it has been in the making for 10 years.
IMG_6479 1000X865

Four generations of quilters – Great grandmother Margaret, Grandmother June, Mother Jolene, and Daughter Afton.
IMG_6488 1000X714

Polly machine quilts feathers on her Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, Grand Illusion.
IMG_6489 1000X783

Mother helped Barbara with a quilt, piecing and ironing.
IMG_6389 735X1000

I loved finding inspiration out by the beach for another piece of fiber art.
IMG_6409 1000X750

IMG_6410 750X1000

IMG_6437 1000X750

IMG_6487 750X1000
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