Thursday, January 22, 2015

Life and “Amazing Grace”

Life …

We had our family all together when Dustin & Gina arrived from Los Angeles. Here are all my girls with an antique meat fork or pie crust cutter. I’m trying to pass out some of the things I have accumulated over the years.
Copy of IMG_6182

The boys each got an awl that I had purchased at my folks sale. Father turned the handles on the lathe to his liking.
Copy of IMG_6181

We gave the grandchildren each a puzzle or game.
Copy of IMG_6140

… as a Quilter

I finished a challenge to use this symbol in an art quilt.
SAQA bdpq

It reminded me of the sol in shaped note music. So, I took a picture of a song...
Copy of PicsArt_1421769005701

...and printed it out on fabric and layered it with the batting and backing.

Then I machine quilted it +/- 1/8” apart over the whole surface.

I machine stitched over all the music and lettering. I’m calling it “Amazing Grace.” It measures 8”X10” and is finished with a narrow binding and ready to hang.
Copy of IMG_6222

And now I have started on my second Magnolia which is to be 36” square. You can see my first Magnolia here.
Copy of IMG_6230

~~~ Parting Shot ~~~
Copy of IMG_6200

Friday, January 09, 2015

Dustin and Gina Visit, Georgi’s Birthday, and “Another Glimpse”

The long awaited day finally arrived. I picked up Dustin and Gina at Key Field in Meridian. Dustin enjoyed telling us about some history of the airport while we waited for luggage.
Dustin & Gina Arrive

Georgi had her 5th birthday last week.
Georgi & Andy Fultz

She had a hard time blowing out her candles. They kept reigniting, so Andy helped her blow.
Georgi & Andy Blow Candles

Joel enclosed and finished out a cubby hole in their loft just a little bigger than a twin size mattress for a new place for the girls to sleep since they are boarding our kindergarten teacher, Claudia. Claudia is Sheila’s sister.
Girls in Nook

I’m stitching the cattails down on my quilt, “Another Glimpse.”

Since Dustin and Gina came home for a visit …

… we invited some of the cousins in for an evening of fellowship.
Copy of IMG_6105


We had a special lunch at Mi Ranchitos.

Phil and Amanda with Emily and Colton came for a night to visit with Dustins.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

On My Design Wall

Now that I have changed out the white paper for the brown fabric to make a silhouette cattail bouquet arrangement, I’m struggling with the dark brown cattail against the spot of dark brown background.

By moving the arrangement down and to the left (from my earlier post) making it look like there is more room between it and the lattice, it puts the bottom of the vase in the dark brown fabric. I hope that is OK. Maybe it would help to add 2 more cattails. I’m so undecided.

Patchwork Times Working In A Series   Creations by Nina-Marie

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another Glimpse

I have finished quilting the background and window sill for the backdrop of “Another Glimpse.”

The quilting is a fun process for me, stitching +/- 1/8” apart.

I cut out the cattails and grass from white paper to make an arrangement. (I plan to use a dark brown almost solid fabric for a silhouette look.) I somehow always second guess myself with the details and need some questions answered. Should there be more or less grass? more or less cattails? And how should they be arranged? Is the pot too big? Should the whole arrangement be lowered? Is it too symmetrical?

I think I’ll work on something else for a while until I get some answers!

Wednesdays are WOW days crazy mom quilts Creations by Nina-Marie

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Life … With Only a Little Quilting

I’m participating in The Pi Project. I let some of my grands pick out fabric for their own number (their age), and then I quilted their block and I’m sending the unquilted block to the Pi Project.

You too can participate.
The Pi Project
From Sally Sellers
If you don't know about The Pi Project, let me tell you about it: it is an international public art project celebrating the number Pi.  Digits are made by individual participants on fabric (hooray for fiber art!) and sewn together in the precise order in which they appear in Pi.  The result is a fabric "ribbon" that could be 200 feet or 2000 feet, depending on participation.
The Pi Project is gathering steam, but I still need numbers, especially from fiber artists!  The public has responded positively and I've received many digits on 9.5" square (24 cm) pieces of fabric.  The squares need not be fancy at all.  The deadline is Jan 31, 2015, although ASAP is a far better deadline.  Please send me a digit, and spread the word to others.  For more complete information, go to

More quilting on “Another Glimpse Through the Lattice.”


Graber Farm’s Christmas supper at The Grill.


Paul’s niece, Amanda and Phil (not pictured) and children came for a short visit.

My sister, Emily and Perry stopped in on their way to and from VA.

Georgi and Talya

Christmas lunch with the Grabers.
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