Monday, November 24, 2014

Another Glimpse Through the Lattice

On my design wall...

I chose these fabrics a couple weeks ago trying to decide if they would work for another “lattice” quilt.

The process has begun.

And it continues to take shape though I switched sides of the countertop.

The fusing is finished.

I pinned it to my design wall and tacked up the rockers that didn’t make the cut for my first “lattice.” I’ll think on this for a while before finishing. Maybe another blue rocker, or 2 blue rockers, or … something completely different.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pizza Supper Guests and Fiber Art at Columbus Arts Council

Life …

Some of our guests this evening included,
Darryl & Laura S. They are in the process of moving to Detroit and haven’t been around for a while.

We also enjoy the presence of Gabriel and Dana from around the corner.

Gabe is getting his bi-wing ultra light plane close to flying. They taxied it around today. Scary!

And then Quinten & Evie and their boys were also here.

Dana and I played basket ball with Kirby, Stacy, and Ashton using the dumpster for the hoop.

We missed Craigs, Dustins, and Joel’s girls.

… as a Quilter

This is the view you get when you walk into Gallery 2, the gift shop, at the Columbus Art Center. I am so pleased how they presented my pieces. There’s 8 of them there. Can you find them? 

And then out in the main gallery they are exhibiting pieces that are “Artfordable.”  Everything is $100 or less hoping you can find just the right gift for that special person. Here are my pieces in that exhibit. 
IMG_20141122_101449459 710X575

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Glimpse Through the Lattice

I finally finished this piece of fiber art last evening by adding the label on the back. You can see my process HERE.

A Glimpse Through the Lattice
In days gone by, Southerners escaped the heat by sitting on a shady front porch and listening to the cicadas' rhythmic song. Neighbors could drop by for a short visit and spend the afternoon shelling peas and telling tales over a glass of sweet tea and a slice of pie. This quilt invites viewers to look through the lattice of the past to a simpler, slower time and rest a while in the rocker while reflecting on their own memories.
IMG_5204 1000X986

Dimensions: 21.75” X 21.75”
$275.00 Email me.

Techniques: Raw edged fusible applique, heavily stitched with Superior’s Rainbows thread and an assortment of other thread

IMG_5206 1000X749

IMG_5207 1000X749

Detail with piping and binding.
IMG_5209 1000X749

The Label

Come … rest and relax with a glimpse through the lattice!
IMG_5202 641X1000

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Wednesdays are WOW days My Quilt Infatuation Creations by Nina-Marie   

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

2014 Magnolia Guest Day Sewing

We were greeted this morning to sign in at this table adorned with an old hand pieced quilt top.

Activities of the Day

Carmen & Shirlene work together tying a comfort top.

Mary, Rhoda, and Joan stitch the binding to the back of this quilt by hand.

These ladies are tying a cheater’s cloth top that is being made into a comforter.
Crystal, Tab, and Karla

Natasha, Tab, Crystal, Carmen, and Rosetta

Cheryl and granddaughter, Veronica, and Evie and son sew small dresses.

Making Christmas Bundles for the less fortunate in Cherry Creek, SD and Belize.
Karen, Isok, Carmen, Beth, Whitney


Angie and Josiah

I helped with the ‘string quilt’ project. We started this quilt last year. You can read about it HERE.
Alma, Tressa, and Pat

Some of the blocks ended up smaller, so we decided to make two separate quilts.

Thelma made 4 string blocks at home for the beginning of another “String quilt.” The same 4 blocks look different depending which color you turn toward the center.
IMG_20141111_145118476~2   IMG_20141111_145159575~2

These ladies continued quilting the Rocking Horse Quilt that we started last month.

Martha and Krista stitch on a bright “square in a square pineapple” quilt that I had pieced earlier.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced I Quilt @ Pretty Bobbins Creations by Nina-Marie 

Monday, November 10, 2014

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