Monday, September 02, 2013

Fiber Art Quilts -- Fractured Roosters

Recently I took a "Fractured Quilts" class using 4 identical panels. The size of the print on the fabric and also the subject matter made a difference in how the quilt tops turned out for each student. You can see some of the fractures by clicking HERE.
When I finished "fracturing" my fabric, I was disappointed how some of the roosters had 2 heads and how the top rooster on the left had green background showing between the rooster and his breast.
Copy of IMG_7466

I studied the piece for a while and picked out a blue border to match the blue in the rooster. As Diane said, "The piece as a whole is rather unsettling. There is no place for your eye to rest, and while movement in a piece of art is good, this one is hyperkinetic - for me." Since I didn’t care for the 2-faced roosters I cut out other rooster heads … 

… and fused them to the top of my quilt.

And then since I didn’t care for just the tails of the 2 bottom roosters showing on the quilt top, I cut out more roosters and fused them to the borders to make it look like they were walking out of the picture.

Now … I think I’m ready to quilt it!


I joined a swap with our regional SAQA members and was tickled to receive this "Hot Coffee" postcard quilt from Ms. Martha.

And I’d love to sit and sip coffee and visit with her a spell too.

One of my little Sequoia Trees ...

...went to Sharon B. who makes quilts of the sky. Her "work is an interpretation of God's majesty in outer space. Nebulas, stars, galaxies, comets, all unseen with the human eye but captured for our viewing pleasure through NASA's Hubble Telescope photographs."

I hope to meet her someday.


  1. Julia, you are one amazing lady! When I first saw your fractured quilt, I didn't care for it for because of the very reason the lady gave. It made me want to quit looking at it. But the way you changed it is WONDERFUL! I absolutely love it. And the border too! All I can say is WOW!

  2. Wow, very creative. I love the way you changed it.

  3. That postcard quilt is sooo cute, what a lovely idea!

  4. Dropping by from Freemotion By The River. I completely agree with you about how busy this panel is but you've completely transformed it with your use of the rooster in the borders, somewhere for your eye to rest now :)

  5. I love the fractured effects, even before your changes, but oh what a difference it made when you added the border and put heads with those two tails at the bottom. Lovely!!

  6. Great fractured quilt. I saw one which was done at several local shows, and the county fair which was done with old trucks. I fell in love with it. I like your roosters too!

  7. Admittedly, fractured quilts are not my cup of tea but I really like the way you resolved the multi head issues and came up with a really cool quilt, congrats! Your post card quilt is very fun.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  8. Your roosters look awesome! I like how you made the two bottom ones look like they were walking out of the quilt! Super job, Julia!

  9. Good solution to your fractured roosters!

  10. Your roosters look great. Interesting to see the different fractured effects :)

  11. Wow that's an interesting effect. Nicely framed!

  12. The calm blue border and the chickens walking off the edge are wonderful. They definitely give the whole composition some balance and calmness!

  13. The jitter effect of the Rooster is so cool. Great stuff.

  14. This quilt is so interesting to look at. What a wonderful effect!

    Thank you so much for sharing this at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  15. I really like the way you changed it as I have to agree that there is no place for your eyes to rest when it was first done. Beautiful now! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  16. beautiful fractured quilt! I am visiting via the TGIFF links :) ( you may want to remove your address from the photo )

  17. To tell you the truth- I like the full fractured look. It really is a cool technique where you can abstract out a ton of stuff! great job!

  18. What a fabulous the fractured look...amazing. Thanks for sharing. Marie (

  19. Really like your additions in the border. I got to see three of you pieces this weekend at the Greater Jackson Quilt Celebration. Stunning work.


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