Friday, March 07, 2014

Fiesta Fireworks Quilt – All Finished

I think now I can officially call this quilt finished! After starting it at Pigeon Forge and working on it some more when I got home and thinking it was finished, … I decided to cut off the binding, trim the quilt and bind it again. Now I really am finished.

I originally made this quilt for a challenge with the theme CELEBRATION.
Fiesta Fireworks-f

It measures 39”X41.” (Oh dear. English teachers, does the period come after the inches symbol or before the inches symbol?) 

It’s made from cotton fabric and overlaid with black tulle with glitter.


Kirby and Stacy came today and played with Ashton. They helped me with the photo shoot.

“Yes, they shall sing of the ways of the Lord and joyfully celebrate His mighty acts, for great is the glory of the Lord.” –Psalm 138:5 (Amplified Bible)






Creations by Nina-Marie  
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