Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dare To Be Unsquare

Remember the SLM quilt that Emily and I are making for charity? Well ... it's finally finished and we are so pleased with the results. We have named it Dare To Be Unsquare.

You can see this quilt in progress at the bottom of this post "The Blue Chair." Below is a picture of the quilt that gave us the inspiration. We started in the bottom left hand corner and worked our way up and right trying to make our quilt similar to the original one. Of course we had different fabrics and colors to work with and then we wanted our quilt to be much bigger in size to fit a bed, so we just kept adding blocks and sections as we went.
We got our inspiration from Film in the Fridge's "Lotta Charm" quilt pictured below. Can you see any resemblance?

This is a QAYG (Quilt As You Go) quilt that we quilted each section with straight lines about 1/2" apart, some going vertical and some horizontal.
The back of the quilt looks like this.

We made a label by sending fabric through the printer that had been ironed to freezer paper.

Can you tell we are pleased by our smiling faces?

Lily's Quilts

OKC Modern Quilt Guild


Last Friday I helped serve hot lunches at our Christian Day School.

No, you don't have to take any radishes!

Aaaww, do we have to look at the camera?

Mmmm, that spaghetti was good!

The upper grades waiting their turn.

Chowing down!

And then they played hard at a good game of dodge ball.

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