Monday, April 28, 2014

My Time in Paducah at the AQS Quilt Show

Judy and Lauren accompanied me to Quilt City, USA


There were so very many wonderful blue ribbon quilts and not enough blue ribbons to go around. I think every quilt at the show was a winner!

Judy especially liked the light tan background quilts with feathered stars.

Lauren enjoyed the brighter quilts with bold colors.

I was glad to meet Joy, whom I learned to know in Mississippi. Her home was wiped out during Hurricane Kitrina and she and her husband relocated in Paducah.

I took a picture of this quilt for my farming husband, Paul.

Amazing kaleidoscopes!

We found it interesting to see the exhibit of The Tentmakers of Cairo and watch this Egyptian man do hand applique.

I especially liked this “Tuning Fork” quilt by Heather Pregger.

We studied this quilt  by Susan Carlson a long time.

I also enjoyed an evening class with Karen K. Stone called “Windsor Gardens.” You can see my work in progress HERE.

The next evening I had a class with Stacy Michell making two “Hawaiian” quilts. This also was a fun class.
Stacey Mitchell

And the book signing of New Quilts from an Old Favorite – Carolina Lily at the National Quilt Museum was wonderful.

I got to meet the other artists in the book and visit with lots of other friends and people that came to the exhibit.

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Paducah Quilt Show – Classes

Yesterday I took a class with Karen K. Stone in Paducah, KY. Her quilts are beautiful and full of color.

Today I took a class with Stacy Michell. It was a fun class and I liked the results.
Stacey Mitchell

Monday, April 21, 2014

Life–This and That

Sam and Sheri

My sister Coleen and I took a walk down by the river and got a shot back up the river of our home stomping grounds.

Before our day, a railroad used to cross the river.

Coleen enjoyed a ride on the swing out over the river up at our old swimming hole.

On up the river and around the bend we met my cousin Ransford's daughter Reece and her friend Mike out for a pleasurable afternoon.

Later we took a drive around the country to look for old silos. This one is made of tile similar to …

… this one we pushed over in Mississippi

I love the red barn behind this silo with the unique roof between Harrisonburg and Broadway.

And then we came upon this old spring house south of Bridgewater and had to stop for a photo shoot.

The Birthday Party

Kirby brings the whole family from over the way.

Best wishes to two year old Talya.

The boys think it’s taking Talya way too long to open her gift.

Great Grampa & Gramma help Georgi with her gift.

Hop Scotch

Jump, jump, jump!

Pleeeeaaaase Grampa, you try it too!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Christmas Cactus Quilt and Irises

… as a Quilter

I started this “Christmas Cactus” quilt in February of 2004 and finished piecing it in March of 2005. It’s been stored for a long time. I finally got it out and sent it to Elmina Lee for longarm quilting. Now I’m binding it to finish it up.

The iris field looked so pretty one evening this week.

I went back the next morning and found cows in the field. I’m afraid the irises won’t be pretty for very long.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Wedding – Sheri Helmuth and Sam Horst

My sister Sheila checks in on Coleen and me as we sautéed lots and lots of onions and sweet bell peppers to add to the rice for the reception.

Here comes the bride … my niece Sheri.

I stood afar and zoomed in to get pictures during the photo shoot before the wedding.

Sam and Sheri are now Mr. and Mrs.

Congratulations and Best Wishes!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Shopping and Quilts

Life …

Mother, June, Coleen and I traveled to PA to meet Polly and go shopping together. We stopped at thrift stores along the way in Hagerstown, MD. 
Later we drove past this building and were disappointed that the One Room School was closed.

… as a Quilter

Polly finished her quilt that she started in February at our sewing retreat, for her granddaughter Summer Breeze. It turned out so beautiful, along with the Pooh pillow. What a special quilt for a special girl.

The strip of chevrons on the back were pieces left over from the front.

Polly also showed me her Metro Medallion quilt that still needs more work. She is doing a marvelous job with the machine quilting, just like Jenny at Sew Kind of Wonderful.

And did you see those bolts of fabric in Polly’s van? She’s going to share them with us!

Coleen and I spied this quilt at the Shenandoah’s Farmer’s Market in Harrisonburg, VA. It was made by my sister-in-law Cheryl from a kit. Beautiful, just beautiful!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Weddings, Adam & Megan and Sheri & Sam

Life …

Paul and I drove to VA to attend the wedding of my nephew, Adam to Megan.

Mother is machine quilting her “flower garden” quilt that she was working on earlier this year at our sewing retreat.

I helped my sister Coleen fry pounds and pounds of hamburger for our sister Sheila in preparation for her daughter Sheri’s wedding.

The Helmuth family is cleaning up outside getting ready for Sam & Sheri’s reception.

I helped Sheila pick up a few sticks to clean the area for the wedding reception.

Sheri, the lovely bride to be.

Paul found the restored, ‘get-away’ …

… Jeep to be fascinating.

Mother and Sheila enjoy a sweet moment with Sheila’s first grandchild, Caroline.
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