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Monday, August 08, 2016

Flying Geese on My Design Wall

On my design wall ...

I'm working on a quilt using the traditional 'flying geese' block as inspiration. I set the blocks into a 'carpenter wheel' layout and colored them up to get this design.

You can see the start of this project here.

The changing sky captures my attention so often.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Flying Geese

Life ...
I spotted these geese on the pond the other day. I wish they would stay!

Ashton is learning to use the sewing machine.

... as a Quilter
On my design wall -- I'm starting a new piece using "flying geese" blocks.

By using Electric Quilt to create my quilt I could print the blocks and now I'm paper piecing the colored fabric to each assigned section.

I used 8 of these blocks to create the star above.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Flying Goose -- "On the Way"

On my design wall this morning are 2 pieces, the flying goose which I call "On the Way," and "Bumbo." You can read about "Bumbo" here.

Using patches from a fabric with clouds, I fused them on to a darker blue background. The background was then layered with backing and batting and heavily quilted. Then I fused the goose to the front and free motion quilted him to the quilt.

The back is finished with a hand sewn hanger and signed and dated in the border. I'm calling the piece "On the Way" as he looks like he is flying somewhere.
Now I'm trying another piece. I cut patches out of the fabric with blue flowers on a white background. Then I laid the patches on a blue background fabric.

Then I laid the same patches on a white and orange background fabric.

Neither of the samples have a focal point. I'm thinking of adding some sort of silhouette, maybe in the orange or real dark indigo blue. What are your thoughts?

Patchwork Times

Sunday, January 04, 2015

On My Design Wall

Now that I have changed out the white paper for the brown fabric to make a silhouette cattail bouquet arrangement, I’m struggling with the dark brown cattail against the spot of dark brown background.

By moving the arrangement down and to the left (from my earlier post) making it look like there is more room between it and the lattice, it puts the bottom of the vase in the dark brown fabric. I hope that is OK. Maybe it would help to add 2 more cattails. I’m so undecided.

Patchwork Times Working In A Series   Creations by Nina-Marie

Monday, November 24, 2014

Another Glimpse Through the Lattice

On my design wall...

I chose these fabrics a couple weeks ago trying to decide if they would work for another “lattice” quilt.

The process has begun.

And it continues to take shape though I switched sides of the countertop.

The fusing is finished.

I pinned it to my design wall and tacked up the rockers that didn’t make the cut for my first “lattice.” I’ll think on this for a while before finishing. Maybe another blue rocker, or 2 blue rockers, or … something completely different.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Design Wall Monday

This is only a portion of my design wall.

My goal this week is to finish these two pieces. The first one is a sample I’m making for classes. The second one is a sample for C-Spire that never materialized.
IMG_4871 1200X781

Sunday, August 24, 2014

“Lily” Quilt Class in Starkville

Yesterday I took my accordion style “design wall” to Starkville to teach a “Lily” workshop for the Golden Triangle Quilters.

This is my sample “Lily” that we made in class.
Copy of IMG_3114

Most of the ladies finished fusing their tops and a lot of them got a good start on the quilting.
IMG_4232 Large e-mail view IMG_4250 Large e-mail viewIMG_4224 Large e-mail view IMG_4230 Large e-mail viewIMG_4221 Large e-mail view IMG_4247 Large e-mail viewIMG_4242 Large e-mail view IMG_4239 Large e-mail viewIMG_4240 Large e-mail view IMG_4236 Large e-mail viewIMG_4248 Large e-mail view IMG_4235 Large e-mail view

It was so interesting to see the different variations that each person used to make their quilt unique.

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