Monday, November 11, 2013

Bird at Sunset and Cardinal Quilts

When both Emily and I saw this picture of “Bird at Sunset” and pinned it on Pinterest we decided to use it for a quilt challenge. We were to each make a quilt and not let each other know what we were doing until the grand revealing.
Bird at sunset...

So, here she is with her “Bird at Sunset.”

She had bought a silk scarf years ago at a yard sale for a quarter and used it for her background. She said she had offered it to me and I turned her down. Wow! How could I have done that?

She used twine for the fence and unraveled it for the grass.

I like how she turned the bird around to face the center.

Beautiful. Just beautiful!!!

And this is my piece.

I changed the bird to a cardinal, repositioned it, and made holly branches in the foreground.

The background was heavily stitched and then the cardinal, holly, and fence were added and stitched.


I wrapped the quilted top around a canvas frame and stapled it to the back.


Cardinal Statistics
Dimensions: 10”X10”
Gallery Wrapped on Canvas
Price: $80.00
Creations by Nina-Marie
November Finishes
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