Saturday, November 16, 2013

60th Anniversary and Teryn’s Quilt

Life …
We celebrated Paul’s folk’s 60th anniversary with a Sunday dinner lunch.

Our hosts Galen & Jeanie with Lanell & Rhoda.

Mark & Miriam and Yours Truly & Paul

Jed & Vicki, Jerrill & Josie, and Daddy & Mom

We missed all the siblings & their spouses from afar.

Mom and Daddy told us about the skunk that came in through their dryer vent and couldn’t get out. Mom turned the dryer on and soon they smelled singed hair.

The skunk ate a hole in the vent and crawled out into the house. Daddy said if you catch them by their tail they can’t spray. So Mom and Daddy carefully ran him into a small bathroom to catch it.

Daddy caught him by the tail, took him to the outside door that Mom had opened for him, and flung that skunk far out into the night.

… as a Quilter
I’m trying to decide on a quilt for our 7th grandchild, Teryn Ray. I want to use the puppy dog fabric as a jumping off point.

The pattern is an improvisational one from “Quilting Modern” by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pederson.

I’m thinking of using the light fine print or the solid light brown for the gray background and then put the puppies in the rectangle boxes.
I need to think on this a while.
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