Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Magnolia is Finished

Life …

We received a bouquet of fresh cut flowers with this small flower that was only 3/4” in diameter. I was amazed at closer inspection to find lots of tiny yellow flowers systematically placed around the center. Truly this is a work of God.
IMG_4703 749X1000

… about 7 hours before the lunar eclipse.
IMG_4750 749X1000

… as a Quilter

I have finished my Magnolia.
IMG_4812 946X1000

Detail of 3D seed pod made from thread.
IMG_4814 1000X749

Finished edges are faced.
IMG_4820 1000X740

Loops on the back with dowel rod for hanging.
IMG_4817 964X1000

Signed and dated.
IMG_4816 1000X749

Measurements: 15” x 16”
Cotton fabric and oil pastels
Price: $150 -- SOLD
IMG_4803 1000X1000

 Creations by Nina-Marie    My Quilt Infatuation
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