Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Visit to Paducah and the Quilt Show

Some highlights of the annual quilt show for me was a visit with Lea McComas, the maker of “Bike Boys.” Lea received her inspiration from “a photograph and newspaper clipping from the Denver Post in the archives of the History Colorado Museum, Denver, Colorado.”


I like the simplicity of this quilt “Diamond Dust” by Doris Brunnette and Trina Kirkvold.



AQS fixed up such a nice display with my quilt “Family Circle – Farmer’s Delight” to promote their 2016 Quilt Art engagement calendar.


Hancock's of Paducah was a favorite spot for many quilters with 1000s of bolts of fabrics. This quilt was hanging from the ceiling of the store along with many others.



My niece, Holly and I visited the Yeiser Art Center to see the exhibit “Fantastic Fibers.” She fell in love with the 2nd place winner’s book made of fabric with hand embroidered words.



Shea Wilkinson’s fiber art reminded me of “The Body Song,” I fritter fratter frit … I’m the brain with the electric current … learning bit by bit …. and I fritter all the time.


Monday, April 20, 2015

Beach Fence -- Fiber Art Quilt

At a recent MS SAQA “pod” meeting we challenged ourselves to use a capital “H” in a small quilt.

I saw lots of different “H’s” in this picture that I took last February in the Outer Banks of NC along the beach.



Zoomed in and cropped.

IMG_6410 (2)


Beach Fence





The back.


Techniques/Materials: commercial cottons, tulle, an assortment of thread including Superior’s King Tut and Fantascico, applique fused, heavily machine quilted, traditional binding hand stitched to the back, insert skewer under top triangles to hang.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

SAQA Meeting and Painting Fabric

Life ...

At Great Grampa Grabers, these cousins wait for supper to be served.



... as a Quilter

I enjoyed a SAQA meeting today in Jackson. We showed our "H" Challenge pieces. Can you find an "H" in each piece of fiber art below?



Rhonda demonstrated how to use household latex paint to make beautiful fabric. She tore up a bed sheet and gave each of us a piece to paint.

There are lots of ways to make fabric: stamping, brushing, painting, screen printing, and finding all kinds of household objects to use for texture.



Martha made a beautiful path along the trees at sunset.



We learned lots of different techniques.



Drying our newly made fabric.



Those purple and yellow clouds are outstanding!



I especially liked the bubble wrap  with the orange paint.



Some more pretty fabric.

Now it will be interesting to see how this fabric will be used in a piece of art!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lily IV Quilt and Talya’s 3rd Birthday

This is my 4th Lily in this series.



I made this one as a sample for an upcoming workshop.



It is finished with a facing stitched to the back and ready to hang.




Talya turned 3 today.



Her Aunt Claudia kept order while she opened her gifts.




After a Dominos Pizza supper the children enjoyed sparklers.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Life and Log Cabin Quilts with Flavin Glover

Life …

We are remodeling our church house. They have demolished the old classroom walls with termite damage and are getting ready to build on a new addition.IMG_7412

Recent guests in our home have been a group from Faith Mission Home in Virginia. Ashton enjoyed visiting with them so much and wanted to be included in the picture.IMG_7394

Darryl and Laura SchrockIMG_7116

Jerril and Paula surprised Amy with a visit for her birthday.IMG_7149


… as a Quilter

 Our Possum Town Quilters enjoyed a class with Flavin Glover from Auburn, AL.IMG_7135

She makes all kinds of quilts using the “log cabin” block in her work.IMG_7132





I helped our Possum Town Quilters do some hand quilting under the tent for Artisan's Day in Columbus, MS as part of the Spring Pilgrimage.IMG_7399

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Columbus Tales and Quilts to Louisville

Life ...

This evening we took in the “Tales From the Crypt” at Friendship Cemetery in Columbus.

“Tales from the Crypt re-creates the lives of noted personalities interred at the historic Friendship Cemetery, the site of the Confederate Decoration Day that inspired the poem, The Blue and the Gray”

IMG_20150408_184958420   IMG_20150408_185953907_HDR   IMG_20150408_210422

IMG_20150408_210210  IMG_20150408_204902


 IMG_20150408_205655  IMG_20150408_205113


 IMG_20150408_205910  IMG_20150408_210005

… as a Quilter

I’m working on “Lily IV” for a class sample.



Our Magnolia Sewing Circle delivered quilts in Louisville, MS where…



… a tornado destroyed homes a year ago.


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